St Paul

Last Tuesday I spent the day in St Paul – the twin city of Minneapolis.  It adjoins Minneapolis – on the other side of the Missisippi River.

First stop was the State Capitol which is a gorgeous building.  I loved the lush green lawns and the myriad of yellow school buses lined up.


And next was St Pauls Catherdral another amazing building with  beautiful stained glass windows.


Then I wandered down Summit Avenue admiring the mansions and enjoying the shade of the trees.  One of these houses was Jame J Hill’s house, founder of the Great Northern Railway.


And lastly off to the Science Museum for the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition.  Much to the amusement of the crowd of people commuting home from work I tried in vain to photograph the squirells scampering around the lawn in downtown St Paul……..but they just sit there and watch you and the minute you get the camera out they dart away!  But believe me they were cute!

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  1. Dale Says:

    It looks amazing, I bet you are already planning a family holiday! I hope you got some good ideas for our 10 year trip for our UFO group.

  2. Thimbleanna Says:

    Oh, boohoo! Now I want to go back! Once again, your pictures are beautiful!!!

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