The Show

….Seems like a bit of a blur really.  Hard work but lots of fun.  I didn’t get that many photos because Kellie’s  patterns were such a hit that we were swamped with people at the stall almost constantly for the whole 3 days.

Starting with a blank canvas and adding hours of work and lots of changes we managed to transform the booth in something to be proud of.  We certainly received lots of positive comments throughout the show.


(There’s better photos of the booth but I can’t show them as there are a couple of Kellie’s patterns that have not been released in Australia as yet……..I’ll show you them next week)

Once it was setup we were straight off to Sample Spree which was crazy.  Hundreds of women lined up for ages to be first through the doors when they opened!  I managed to have a quick look around and pick up a few goodies which I’ll photograph and show you when I get home….

And then was THE SHOW.  Busy from start to finish.  But amazing to see the looks of wonder and admiration of everyone’s faces when they discovered Kellie’s quilts.  Anna was AMAZING crawling around the floor and doing a million trips back to the hotel room to restock pattern supplies – she’s ‘just darling’*.

(*Learning the American lingo…….incredible how many people here don’t understand what Kellie and I are saying…….don’t we all speak the same language??)

In the couple of short breaks we managed to get I did get to run up and down most of the aisles but didn’t take that many photos.  Here’s a sampling…

The gorgeous stall I got to look out on…..when there was 5 minutes breather that is!

Lots of effort went in to setting up many of the stalls – Micheal Miller’s stalls were behind us and they were gorgoeous – bright and funky.   They actually won ‘Best of Show’……can’t believe I didn’t get any photos of them 🙁

Lots of fabric companies I hadn’t heard of as well as the ‘big names’

Some divine new Heather Ross  prints to look forward to….that should make the Around the Block girls happy.

And some bright cheerfulness on the Echino stand.

And of course, this was one stand that I was dying to see….

And this one was just magic.

(But more on those last two special booths in the next post)

There were some other lovely Australian girls there too.  Sue was there from Queensland with her gorgeous paper piecing work.

And the lovely Leesa, an fellow Melbournite and her helper Emma were there promoting their patterns and Leesa’s new fabric range Under the Australian Sun.


Phew, if you’ve made it to the bottom of this post then you’ve done well………but there’s still SO much more to tell!  There’s a couple of other accounts of the show here and here.


4 Responses to “The Show”

  1. Dale Says:

    You will have the floor at UFO when you can make it next, lots to talk about

  2. Bronwyn Says:

    Looks so exciting! I bet you are utterly exhausted though!! Reading Thimbleanna’s post on the show, it cracked me up that she called you the ‘Gulls’ – we don’t speak like that – do we??
    Looking forward to more show and tell, love Bron

  3. Thimbleanna Says:

    JAAAANNNNN!!!!! What a wonderful post! You got some great pictures — and it’s so funny — they’re all different from mine!!! And now I’m crying over missing Sue’s booth — I don’t remember seeing it or Leesa’s at all. If we ever make it back, I’ll make you take me on a tour of all the AU stalls. I Miss YOU and your cute little accent!!!

  4. Aunty Nola Says:

    Boy Jan, what a wonderful trip you are having, love all your beautiful photo’s, glad I can now keep track of all your quilting adventures. Enjoy the rest of your time and stay safe. Love Aunt xx

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