Top 8 reasons why the flight home was better.

1. Flying time was only about 27 hours instead of 36…….still took 33 hours door to door though!

2. Our luggage was checked through the whole way so only one check in and one baggage collection (as opposed to 4 on the way over).

3. Unbelievably you don’t go through customs to leave America.

4. Our transfer in Chicago was only one gate apart (we seemed to walk limp for hours and miles to transfer on the outbound trip)

5. Got to watch two more  new release movies bringing my total to 6 in the past two weeks (more than I often get to see in a year!)

6. Flying over the rockies – amazing.

7. Flying over the Grand Canyon – spectactular!!! (Would LOVE to visit at ground level one day).

8. Getting to see my beautiful family at the end of it all.

(And ignoring the fact that one piece of my luggage didn’t quite make it all the way home……but it’s been found in LA so will make it tomorrow…..I hope!)

PS For a different perspective on our time in the US pop on over to this funny post!¬† She’s a scream!

4 Responses to “Top 8 reasons why the flight home was better.”

  1. Kari Says:

    So glad the trip back was better. We had luggage get lost on our trip to and from Australia to the US last year. I think the LA airport has some bugs to work out. Hope you get over the jet lag in good shape!

  2. LindaB Says:

    Hi Jan …good to know that you are home safe and sound…looking forward to hearing about your adventure…USA is just an amazing place to visit…LindaB

  3. Bron Says:

    I linked to Thimbleanna from your blog – sounds like you had a hilarious time. I’m looking forward to catching up soon… but tell me… did you buy anything? While I understand the need to not be too clear about purchases for the sake of Mr Jan, it would be great to see some new things!!! If you don’t have anything new and exciting yourself, looking at someone elses is always good! Happy settling back in! And I hope your suitcase arrives – please tell me it didn’t contain the purchases that you didn’t spend money on? Haha!

  4. Thimbleanna Says:

    Holy Cow — 33 hours? That’s still too long! Do you have to go through customs to leave AU? I REALLY hope you can bring your family over and visit some of our National Parks — as much as you love to travel, I just know you’d love to visit them. And… I’m immensely pleased that I could make you scream. For all the laughter you provided for me, it was very well deserved!!!

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