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Keeping warm

Winter can get cold in Lancefield………but at least the stork will be warm.

the stork all set for winter, originally uploaded by [Suse].

Thanks Tania……you certainly made me smile!

The real reason I was anxious about my missing bag……..

Well, it had lots of things in it that I really didn’t want to lose but…… also had my FABRIC PURCHASES!!!  And yes my bag did eventually turn up in Melbourne, and yes I know it’s taken me a while to stop falling asleep at 8pm and to get back to writing a blog post, and yes someone has been prompting me to share my purchases so here goes………

Here’s my bundle of fabric – some from our day trip on the first day and some from the Sample Spree

The whole bootie including some voile intended for curtains in Daughter No. 1’s room, but now not sure…..

It’s A Hoot by MoMo for Moda……the Around the Block  girls will have some of this coming their way soon……my month is July – YAY!

And there might be a spattering of this in there as well.

And in the closing minutes of Sample Spree I discovered this and couldn’t resist – the colours match my ‘sewing room’ (AKA ‘junk room’ or ‘front room’) so well!  And it’s gorgeous just rolled up like this so if it takes a while to make the quilt then at least it will look good in the meantime…)

And then there were these other goodies fromSample Spree (sorry about the por quality photo).  My favorite is the Kaffe Fasset umbrella….but of course I couldn’t take it on this  day because it was a bit muddy!


Great weather for ducks

But not really for Cross Country!  



I wanted to say that it was the coldest day this year because that’s what it felt like but when I checked the BOM website just now I discovered it DID get to a tropical 14.1 degrees last Wednesday and that’s not as chilly as a couple of other June days we’ve had.  But believe me when you are standing out in the rain and wind  and MUD at Bundoora Park for about 3 hours watching the Zone Cross Country it feels like it’s the coldest day of the year.  And I had about 6 layers on so I can only imagine how daugher No. 1 and the other 4 from her school and the other 600 odd children felt like in their shorts and t-shirts.  Still I was really proud of her and her friends and wouldn’t have missed it.



(Certainly could have done without the muddy clothes to wash though – and if the organisers could try to arrange it on a SUNNY day next year it would be much appreciated….)