Keeping warm

Winter can get cold in Lancefield………but at least the stork will be warm.

the stork all set for winter, originally uploaded by [Suse].

Thanks Tania……you certainly made me smile!

5 Responses to “Keeping warm”

  1. Tania Says:

    My absolute pleasure. It may come as no surprise that the stork was calling to me somewhat louder than the cacti!

  2. suse Says:

    Heh. Love it.

  3. Thimbleanna Says:

    Haha — what a great use of yarn and needles!

  4. Annie Says:

    That’s hillarious Jan!

  5. Gail Says:

    After our recent visit, us 9 ladies thought it was just the best, but a little concerned about the colour combination of the warmers – hmmmmmmm – should have been black and white


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