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Peterborough Federation Quilt

This quilt hangs in the foyer of the Peterborough Town Hall and was done by the local patchwork group to commemorate 100 years since federation.  It depicts the local area and is accompanied by a great audio commentary.  It took 1700 hours to complete all 3 panels.

Clean shoes

This is what the new walking shoes look like today.  But we are off for 11 weeks camping around the Northern Territory and the Kimberleys so not sure they will look this clean for long.  Mal has long service leave and the girls are taking the term off school…….Ella is in grade 6 so it seemed like a perfect time to have an extended family holiday.  It’s been a bit crazy around here lately getting everything packed and ready to go so apologies if you are waiting on a reply to an email or booking request……hopefully I will get onto it in the next couple of days.  I have wireless internet access (thanks Kellie!!) so will be contactable as long as there is coverage!  Not sure how good the access will be in most places so I may be reading your blogs but not commenting.

Whilst we are away there will be occasional posts on this blog…….some crafty discoveries or some guest posts from crafty peeps who stay at Sewjourn over the next 3 months.  Meanwhile if anyone wants to follow our travels I will be posting over here.

Meanwhile, this is what we’ll be living in….


And the stork gets warmer….

Maybe it’s because the ducted heating is playing up and they realised how cold it was outside.  Or maybe it’s just because the kind crafty peeps at Sewjourn last weekend felt for the poor stork who has to sit amongst the prickles day in day out.  Or maybe they just wanted to let future guests know they’d been there.  Or maybe the scarf was meant for themselves but they read the pattern wrongly. 

Whatever the reason – the stork is the lucky one!

Question is – who is the clever crafter?

Around the block for July

Finally it’s my turn!!  For the past 12 months I’ve been participating in Around the Block – a swap with some amazingly talented girls.  We’ve done circles and wonky logs and stars and squares and wonky houses and zigzags and lots of other fun blocks.

A couple of the girls who were in the early months have finished their quilts – and they are AMAZING.

Anyway, now it”s July and that’s my month.  So, using some of the fabrics from America and some from my stash I’ve packaged up 15 bundles and handed them over to the postman for safe keeping.  A couple are already with their crafty guardians who I’m sure will look after them and turn them into something beautiful before sending them back.  Actually the whole process of deciding what I wanted everyone to do, writing directions, choosing fabrics and cutting (how much to send??  I’m sure I’ve sent too much but at least people have a choice what to work with) took a lot of time. I’ve already made a few blocks using the feature fabrics from the new range so now I just to wait patiently until my blocks start coming back home.  I’m thinking the quilt will be for the Princess Room at Sewjourn.


Textiles Exhibition

After the business end of the trip to America we had four lovely days of shopping and sight seeing.  Before I left home I was told by one of the ladies staying at Sewjourn about a textiles exhibition  at the Russian Museum in Minneapolis.  So one day I jumped on a bus and trekked to a different part of town and visited the museum.  What a fun morning!  I got to see parts of town that I would not have been to otherwise…….and what a gorgeous exhibition!  For much of the time I was in the exhibition hall by myself so I could just stand and absorb all the beautiful work.  The photos I took aren’t that great because of course it was no flash photography but there are some more photos on their website.

(The blue sky in this photo reminds me of the gorgeous weather we had in America – nice to think of in the midst of a cold Melbourne winter!)

I enjoyed wandering through the rest of the museum as well……some nice paintings and some amazing lacquer work.  Thanks for the tip off Yvonne, it was one of the highlights of my trip.

School fair crafting

My girls go to a small school and we had our first School Fair on the day of the last State Election (we are a polling booth).  Well four years rolls around pretty quickly so we are in the full swing of preparations for November this year.  But this time we decided to run a number of craft nights throughout the year.  And so far they have been great!  Each time the room has been buzzing with enthusiasm, ideas and laughter.  They have been more than just craft nights.  Not only have they been productive but they’ve been great for community building as well.  It’s been fun to have time to sit down and chat with friends and there’s been opportunities to meet Mums that I didn’t know.  That’s one of the things I love about craft – they way it brings people together.

So far we’ve done some beading, card making, basic sewing and made some calendars.

I’ve gotten a few ideas from Jenny who ran a very successful stall at her primary school’s fete earlier in the year.  But does anyone else have some ideas or inspiration for quick and easy items to sell at a fete??  I’d love to hear them.