And the stork gets warmer….

Maybe it’s because the ducted heating is playing up and they realised how cold it was outside.  Or maybe it’s just because the kind crafty peeps at Sewjourn last weekend felt for the poor stork who has to sit amongst the prickles day in day out.  Or maybe they just wanted to let future guests know they’d been there.  Or maybe the scarf was meant for themselves but they read the pattern wrongly. 

Whatever the reason – the stork is the lucky one!

Question is – who is the clever crafter?

6 Responses to “And the stork gets warmer….”

  1. Melanie Says:

    😉 Not I… I was too busy at the sewing machine! The question should really be – what will it be *next*?!

  2. trash Says:

    Well my money was on Stompergirl given that it is a purple scarf and all but now I’m wondering …

    Laughed at the title, had visions of someone trying to get a baby delivered to the right house.

  3. curlypops Says:

    It wasn’t me… I didn’t see a thing!

  4. Liesl Says:

    My lips are sealed. All I can say that if I had been put in charge of crocheting a scarf, the stork would still be very cold!

  5. Thimbleanna Says:

    Hahaha! Too funny — and the comments only add to the humor. I don’t mean to startle you, but I thought that the stork would be visiting YOU….LOL!!!

  6. Tinniegirl Says:

    Hmmnnnn, I wonder.

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