Clean shoes

This is what the new walking shoes look like today.  But we are off for 11 weeks camping around the Northern Territory and the Kimberleys so not sure they will look this clean for long.  Mal has long service leave and the girls are taking the term off school…….Ella is in grade 6 so it seemed like a perfect time to have an extended family holiday.  It’s been a bit crazy around here lately getting everything packed and ready to go so apologies if you are waiting on a reply to an email or booking request……hopefully I will get onto it in the next couple of days.  I have wireless internet access (thanks Kellie!!) so will be contactable as long as there is coverage!  Not sure how good the access will be in most places so I may be reading your blogs but not commenting.

Whilst we are away there will be occasional posts on this blog…….some crafty discoveries or some guest posts from crafty peeps who stay at Sewjourn over the next 3 months.  Meanwhile if anyone wants to follow our travels I will be posting over here.

Meanwhile, this is what we’ll be living in….


9 Responses to “Clean shoes”

  1. Yvonne Basile Says:

    Goodbye! Have a fantastic time. We are already missing you. The Angels were on fire today won 31 to 4

  2. Tinniegirl Says:

    Have the most amazing, wonderful, fabulous time. Can’t wait to read about your adventures. Travel safe and well. Cathy. xxx

  3. Melanie Says:

    Have a fantastic time Jan. What a great trip!

  4. Sandy Gray Says:

    Hi Jan, If your trip to the Territory takes you through Central Qld as in BARCALDINE, would love to have you call in to the shop – main street, can’t miss it (only patchwork shop between Roma and Mt Isa!) As an ex Kimberley-ite, I just might have to jump on board!

  5. Aunty Nola Says:

    Camper looks grest, have seen quite a few in the past 5 weeks, travel safe and have wonderfu time.
    Love to all.
    Aunty Nola and Rich xx

  6. suse Says:

    Have a fab time!

  7. Thimbleanna Says:

    So. Very. Exciting!!! I hope you have a fantastic creepy-crawlie-free time!!!!

  8. Stomper Girl Says:

    I hope you all have a great time and a safe trip and that you learn how to put that giant tent up successfully. Cx

  9. LindaB Says:

    Hi Jan…have a wonderful time….want to read about all you adventures..

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