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My girls go to a small school and we had our first School Fair on the day of the last State Election (we are a polling booth).  Well four years rolls around pretty quickly so we are in the full swing of preparations for November this year.  But this time we decided to run a number of craft nights throughout the year.  And so far they have been great!  Each time the room has been buzzing with enthusiasm, ideas and laughter.  They have been more than just craft nights.  Not only have they been productive but they’ve been great for community building as well.  It’s been fun to have time to sit down and chat with friends and there’s been opportunities to meet Mums that I didn’t know.  That’s one of the things I love about craft – they way it brings people together.

So far we’ve done some beading, card making, basic sewing and made some calendars.

I’ve gotten a few ideas from Jenny who ran a very successful stall at her primary school’s fete earlier in the year.  But does anyone else have some ideas or inspiration for quick and easy items to sell at a fete??  I’d love to hear them.

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  1. trashalou Says:

    We painted rocks for ours a ferw years ago, there was a mix of simple images and letters. The kids loved them. The boys particularly like the skullingtons!

  2. suse Says:

    One of the bestsellers at my youngest’s little primary school fair is cards made out of the children’s paintings/drawings. I think the art teacher scanned the drawings and then reproduced them on card and then they were sold in sets of six. I swear EVERY parent and grandparent bought a set.

    Also if you go to and search the diy category you’ll see lots of ideas for things to make from recycled wool jumpers. Cheap, fast and easy!

  3. CurlyPops Says:

    I always like to buy little lavendar sachets to put in my drawers and the little fabric bags with handmade soaps, and tissue cozys.

  4. Thimbleanna Says:

    Sadly, I have no suggestions. (Well, maybe make some brownies or something? You know, I’m always thinking sugar.) It sound like a great fun though!

  5. Lynn Deller Says:

    Hi Jan,

    have been involved with fete craft nights and agree they can been fun and friendship building as well as productive! Something that can be made easily and are a popular gift are heat packs….scented with lavendar or left unscented. Filled with wheat and made in various shapes and sizes or could even be patched and quilted.

    Hope this helps,


  6. Grade 1/2B Says:

    Hi Jan, we’re learning about what a blog is and we thought we would have a look at yours! Have a wonderful holiday!! Love from all the kids and Ms Brooks in Grade 1/2B

  7. Resweater Says:

    Thanks for the mention, Suse! I do have one quick project that I can specifically recommend, and children can even make them themselves… wreath ornaments. They don’t have to be just for Christmas, if you use other colors. They look cute on a doorknob, or anywhere:

    Here’s a few other easy recycled wool crafts as well:

    I have tons of tutorials on my blog, as well.

    Kris 🙂

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