Guest Post from Meredithe

Sewjourn Experience August 2010

On a cold, wet and windy Friday (aren’t we all pleased to be having a REAL winter for a change?) five friends ventured forth for their second visit to Sewjourn, full of anticipation and excitement.

 After fully loading the car (how can 5 women have so much STUFF?!) we set off down the freeway, first stop Gisborne to visit Lorraine at Quilter’s Bazaar and Mary at Drapers of Mount Macedon.  Several packages later (which we weren’t quite sure would fit in the car) we lunched at a lovely café and then headed off to Lancefield …….. except the sign at the freeway said Romsey straight ahead so we thought, let’s bypass the freeway and go to Lancefield via Romsey.  Well that was the only sign we saw (VicRoads please note, we need more signage!).  After the third road we tried led off bitumen and onto gravel it was time to get out the tomtom – and thank goodness it was available otherwise we’d still be traveling backroads!  Tomtom led us on a delightful tour of Mount Macedon through mist and rain, and then Sewjourn was in sight.  On the way we saw four rainbows and a fifth after arriving at our destination.   A good sign for our weekend away.

Because of the weather, we’d already allocated tasks, number 1 being Karen “light the fire”, number 2, Vikki “put the kettle on” and the rest of us unpacking.  We soon had a blaze going and settled in for a cuppa and some sewing.    Off to the pub for dinner and back for more sewing and dvd’s.


Saturday morning most of us spent sewing, and Vikki headed off to the Antique store.  Just as we were starting to worry she came back full of the sights seen, prompting a visit there in the afternoon.  (Don’t worry Phil, there won’t really be a truck pulling up on Thursday filled with Kaye’s purchases!)

 Then dinner and several dvd’s later, Meredithe headed off to bed leaving the others to wonder over the fate of the nation’s election results.

A beautiful, blue sky morning Sunday and after a slow start, more stitching, more dvd’s, one nanna nap by Meredithe after a late lunch (she saw the start and finish of a dvd, but what happened in between???), a quick clean and pack up.  We left feeling refreshed and relaxed, but wishing to stay for at least a week.  Thanks Jan for making your wonderful retreat available – we just love staying!

 Helen’s beautiful embroidery.


Kaye’s appliqué, inspired by a Robyn Falloon project.

Karen’s stunning William Morris on black


Vikki’s gorgeous ode to William Morris for her daughter and son-in-law’s wedding present.


Meredithe was hand quilting (and still is hand quilting……)

Sunday’s lovely morning weather – it rained later.


We love the new look stork!  Very fashionable!


 Our delicious lunch


 Kaye spoilt us all with a not-so-edible but just delicious cup cake pincushion each.

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  1. Jan Says:

    Thanks heaps Meredithe……..sounds like you had fun! Looking forward to seeing the hand quilting when I get home!!

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