Guest Post from Suse

For those of you who haven’t already seen this on Suse’s blog………

Legend has it that the Sewjourn Stork …

was feeling a little chilly, what with being so far away from his tropical native lands* and the thought of a rural Victorian winter approaching.

the stork all set for winter

And so, once upon a time in the autumn, someone
kindly made him some bright and snazzy leggings.

But he was still a wee bit chilly.

And so another thoughtful
made him a scarf.

Ibis Photo credit: Tinniegirl

The Stork was happy now, yes?

Um. Not quite. The Stork realised that part of his problem was a rumbly tummy. And lo, in the midst of the long hard winter he received the
gift of a fish

stork2 Photo credit: Jodie

But the Stork was not yet satisfied. The harsh winter winds of Lancefield
troubled his delicate constitution and he demanded of the people a woolly hat. Preferably one that matched his scarf.

tiny aviators helmet Aviator’s helmet, with pin for scale

And definitely one appropriate for a now-grounded flying hero, long retired from the days of migration yore.

stork, with cactus leaning on him

Clothed and fed, the Stork would be content now, thought the people.

And so, the people turned their evil lust for yarnbombing creativity focus elsewhere.

cactus cosy Note striking similarity of yarn and design feature stripes to that of the leggings …)

But the Stork’s discontent mixed now with Cactus Envy and as his rage grew ever stronger he called upon a Tempest to strike down upon the land. O, the winds howled, the rains lashed the land in horizontal needles of unbridled fury and the flood waters rose until the people wept and gnashed their teeth and it all made the front page of The

And on the Sabbath the people awoke to find …

the day the bottom fell out

… that the bottom had fallen out of the world stork.

(And the cactus bed really really needed weeding).

Sorry Jan.

(Thanks Suse for posting…..)

2 Responses to “Guest Post from Suse”

  1. Thimbleanna Says:

    Jan! I’ve lost your e-mail address. Will you bring a small map of AU with you? I’d love it if you’d tell me more about your big trip and trace it on a map for me!!!

  2. Moira Says:

    Oh the poor stork, losing his tail! (He still looks very well dressed though…… and well fed with that gorgeous fish!)
    What a great posting!
    He might need some summer clothes soon in this warmer weather……

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