Happy New Year

I do really enjoy New Year……it always feels like it’s a fresh start.  This year has been a fantastic year, even if I have ended up feeling a bit jaded by the end of it.

There’s been the blessing of lots of fun family holidays……

And the excitement of a couple of trips to the US………

A School Fair that was worth all the hours of effort……..

And the fun of seeing groups of women go to Sewjourn and enjoy it as much as me! 

AND I’ve been lucky enough to get to know so many of the amazing, talented girls who head for Sewjourn……..(and I’m working on a little idea to get us all together before the summer is out but more on that later…)

One of these is the gorgeous Suse who once again dropped a lovely package on my doorstep last week.  Thanks Suse, it’s great!  And if you would like one too you can find them here.

But there hasn’t been much crafting going on this year……well there was quite a bit for the School Fair, and there was some purchasing of supplies in America but my trusty Bernina will be rusting up if I don’t get the chance to use it soon!  So, that’s the plan for next year.  Along with the new adventure of No. 1 daughter starting High School and the excitement and challenges that brings with it, I’m hoping for some quality family time spent at home (or Sewjourn!) and lots more sewing time!!!  The plan is to complete one UFO a month next year…..but then I’ve made that declaration before……..

So whatever your dreams for 2011, I hope it’s really special.  Happy New Year!!

3 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. {tinniegirl} Says:

    happy new year to you too Jan, and all of your family. look forward to catching up at some stage in 2011.

  2. CurlyPops Says:

    Happy New Year Jan – hope you get the chance to do lots and lots of sewing in 2011!

  3. Thimbleanna Says:

    Oh, you dear sweet girl — don’t be jaded — life’s too short! (And please remind me of that when I need it.) The Suse link doesn’t appear to be there — inquiring minds want to know.

    Oh — and how exciting!!! I’ve put in an appearance on your blog LOL!!! I LOVE that first picture of the girls!!!

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