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January Photo Scavenger Hunt

I was reading Anna’s blog  a week or so ago and she mentioned this little game.  There’s a list of 12 items to photograph each month.  I managed to do them all in a few days (partly because it’s summer here so easy to get out and about, partly because it’s still holidays and partly because my girls have gotten really excited about looking for subject matter…..and in fact my eldest daughter took a couple of the photographs).  All that is except one which is something out of place.  Now I could choose any room in the house at the moment and there are plenty of things out of place to photograph but I will spare you that…..

Here’s my photos for January:

1. An abandoned building

2. A Stained Glass Window

3. Goldfish

4. Yarn

5.  Playground Equipment

6.  A Library

7.  A tombstone over 100 years old

8.  Your front door

9.  A reflective surface….not a mirror

11. Nature

12. Bubbles

Other peoples photos can be found here.  Let me know if you are going to join in.

Amazing Gifts

Around Christmastime I was the recipient of some amazing gifts that I didn’t get time to blog about.

Firstly I received these two incredible gifts from the one of the most talented girls  I know……..and even now when I look at them I feel like squealing with delight!  I’d often said to people who visited Kellie’s stand at the markets that I’d love to do O Christmas Tree  in red and white……well I guess she knows me too well and that it would probably be years until I got around to making it. 

And the tree is designed especially for me!  The 5 birds represent my family…..and I just realised when I was sizing these photos for  this post that my maiden name is printed on one of the leaves!  What a coincidence….it really is my family tree.  Thank you so much Kellie!

And also on Christmas Eve the postie delivered this great parcel from Kate via Thimbleanna.  I’d met the lovely Kate whilst we were in Houston and admired her gorgeous stand and beautiful fabrics and products.  Funnily enough I’d bought a diary the day before with one of her designs on the cover………..but I hadn’t realised as at that stage I hadn’t even heard of Kate Spain.  But I’m glad I have now.  You can check out Kate’s website and blog.  And now I’m putting together a little parcel of Aussie goodness to send back her way….any suggestions?

Also back in Houston…..I haven’t even blogged about that yet but I promise too very soon even if it is old news now…..Anna gave me this lovely book for Sewjourn.  Amy ‘s  stand was opposite us at market.  The famous Thimbleanna  has even signed it and it’s ready and waiting for all the girls to read this year.


I had a quick trip back to Melbourne last night to work and when we returned early this afternoon lots of the buds on the cactus that I’d been watching all week had burst into flower.  They were absolutely gorgeous….and there were 20 of them!!

Usually the blooms only last a day or maybe two so fingers crossed they last until tomorrow for my VIP (very important peeps) who are visiting to see!  (There are still a few buds to open).

And this almost makes up for my sore thumb that is still swollen from a cactus prickle injury way back at New Years……almost!


Australia Day

And Happy Birthday Ella!

12 years.  Amazing.  You are such a delight.

And very good at using your new present  too……mind you there’s been LOTS of practicing!


These flowers were out on one of the cacti at Sewjourn.  I was just lucky that I was here to see them as the cactus flowers usually only last one day.

Sorry about the quality of the photo…..taken with my phone…..I took some better photos with the camera but have left the USB connection cord at home.

So I can’t show you all the other photos of what we’ve achieved with a couple of child-free days but there’s been quite a bit of gardening, some cleaning (my cleaner is fantastic but it’s all the little extra things that she doesn’t have time to do….probably things that no-one else would ever see but I know that they are done) and even some sewing.  There’s been a bit of tennis watching as well.

And also today I’ve had a cancellation for the first weekend in February due to a family illness.  It’s really short notice but if anyone thinks they can get a few girls together and come to Sewjourn from 4-6 February please email me asap.  And talking about bookings all the weekends until December are booked out for this year but there is some mid-week availability and if you are really keen on a weekend booking please email me with your preferred months and I can start a waiting list……..we don’t have many cancellations but just like this February weekend sometimes unavoidable things come up.


Last week we had a lovely week at Phillip Island.  Sure, it rained at least once every day except for one and the sun wasn’t sparkling off the blue water like it usually is on the annual family trip to the beach but it was lots of fun.  The boys surfed every day (at least once per day, usually twice) and the rest of us managed to go to the beach each day bar one.

Why do children love being buried in the sand?????

Although the weather was a bit dull the mermaid was shining bright!

In between, there was lots of relaxing, book reading, board games and the other crazy activities that come with a holiday with all of Mal’s family……..



Team 1 – The Little Cheflings

Team 2 – The Super Duper Three

The Winning Dish



And Ella was the innagural winner with BJ as runner up……Uncle Al was just unlucky he came up against Ella in the first round but he could be a hot favorite next year……

And 500 challenges….no photos but for the record the incredible team of Jan and BJ was joined by Nana (6 handed this time) and remained undefeated for the week!!!

And then, just in case there wasn’t enough chocolate in the creations from the young Masterchefs…..we had a visit to the factory!


And of course we can’t complain at all about a little bit of rain when you consider the floods in Queensland and now in Victoria.  Yet again the crafty community has banded together and there are heaps of ways you can help out.  Toni from Make It Perfect  has done an incredible job of organising fundraising auctions……..have a look, there are some amazing items up for offer, Corrie from Retro Mummy has lots of people quilting and Pip from Meet Me at Mikes  has a list of ways to help.  And we’ll be organising another Quilting Bee  for the LightHouse Quilters when everyone is back from holidays and making some quilts to send.


The first few days of 2011 have been spent in the garden at Sewjourn.  Actually that’s not entirely true…..had a nice time on New Year’s Day with a picnic at the Hanging Rock Races followed by an impromtu dinner at Lancefield with friends before they headed back to Melbourne………a lovely start to 2011!  But yesterday and today we attacked the weeds (some of which were almost as tall as me) at Sewjourn and it’s amazing what a couple of days work can achieve!  It’s looking really nice again now.  Once the weeds were gone and the grass cut it was easier to see these little beauties.

Pity about the rose thorns and cactus prickles in my fingers and arms!!