Amazing Gifts

Around Christmastime I was the recipient of some amazing gifts that I didn’t get time to blog about.

Firstly I received these two incredible gifts from the one of the most talented girls  I know……..and even now when I look at them I feel like squealing with delight!  I’d often said to people who visited Kellie’s stand at the markets that I’d love to do O Christmas Tree  in red and white……well I guess she knows me too well and that it would probably be years until I got around to making it. 

And the tree is designed especially for me!  The 5 birds represent my family…..and I just realised when I was sizing these photos for  this post that my maiden name is printed on one of the leaves!  What a coincidence….it really is my family tree.  Thank you so much Kellie!

And also on Christmas Eve the postie delivered this great parcel from Kate via Thimbleanna.  I’d met the lovely Kate whilst we were in Houston and admired her gorgeous stand and beautiful fabrics and products.  Funnily enough I’d bought a diary the day before with one of her designs on the cover………..but I hadn’t realised as at that stage I hadn’t even heard of Kate Spain.  But I’m glad I have now.  You can check out Kate’s website and blog.  And now I’m putting together a little parcel of Aussie goodness to send back her way….any suggestions?

Also back in Houston…..I haven’t even blogged about that yet but I promise too very soon even if it is old news now…..Anna gave me this lovely book for Sewjourn.  Amy ‘s  stand was opposite us at market.  The famous Thimbleanna  has even signed it and it’s ready and waiting for all the girls to read this year.

2 Responses to “Amazing Gifts”

  1. Thimbleanna Says:

    Oh, you lucky, lucky girl! Kellie’s quilts are all just gorgeous — I love the Christmas tree in red. And that tree with your family is amazing — what a cool idea.

    As for the book — you know, it’s just so I can say that “I” have been to Sewjourn, ’cause someday I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to be there!!!

    (Oh, and Kate definitely needs some Tim Tams!)

  2. Kerry Says:

    Jan, just love the family tree – lucky thing.

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