Last week we had a lovely week at Phillip Island.  Sure, it rained at least once every day except for one and the sun wasn’t sparkling off the blue water like it usually is on the annual family trip to the beach but it was lots of fun.  The boys surfed every day (at least once per day, usually twice) and the rest of us managed to go to the beach each day bar one.

Why do children love being buried in the sand?????

Although the weather was a bit dull the mermaid was shining bright!

In between, there was lots of relaxing, book reading, board games and the other crazy activities that come with a holiday with all of Mal’s family……..



Team 1 – The Little Cheflings

Team 2 – The Super Duper Three

The Winning Dish



And Ella was the innagural winner with BJ as runner up……Uncle Al was just unlucky he came up against Ella in the first round but he could be a hot favorite next year……

And 500 challenges….no photos but for the record the incredible team of Jan and BJ was joined by Nana (6 handed this time) and remained undefeated for the week!!!

And then, just in case there wasn’t enough chocolate in the creations from the young Masterchefs…..we had a visit to the factory!


And of course we can’t complain at all about a little bit of rain when you consider the floods in Queensland and now in Victoria.  Yet again the crafty community has banded together and there are heaps of ways you can help out.  Toni from Make It Perfect  has done an incredible job of organising fundraising auctions……..have a look, there are some amazing items up for offer, Corrie from Retro Mummy has lots of people quilting and Pip from Meet Me at Mikes  has a list of ways to help.  And we’ll be organising another Quilting Bee  for the LightHouse Quilters when everyone is back from holidays and making some quilts to send.

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  1. Thimbleanna Says:

    Oh, it looks like you all had a fantastic time — but then, there WAS chocolate, right? The kids all look so cute. Nothing better than being with family!

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