I had a quick trip back to Melbourne last night to work and when we returned early this afternoon lots of the buds on the cactus that I’d been watching all week had burst into flower.  They were absolutely gorgeous….and there were 20 of them!!

Usually the blooms only last a day or maybe two so fingers crossed they last until tomorrow for my VIP (very important peeps) who are visiting to see!  (There are still a few buds to open).

And this almost makes up for my sore thumb that is still swollen from a cactus prickle injury way back at New Years……almost!


2 Responses to “Twenty”

  1. curlypops Says:

    Hope you all have a lovely relaxing day today and don’t melt!

  2. Thimbleanna Says:

    How Fun — the flowers are beautiful. It’s kind of hard to imagine you in the heat with cacti when we have snow on the ground!

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