The first few days of 2011 have been spent in the garden at Sewjourn.  Actually that’s not entirely true…..had a nice time on New Year’s Day with a picnic at the Hanging Rock Races followed by an impromtu dinner at Lancefield with friends before they headed back to Melbourne………a lovely start to 2011!  But yesterday and today we attacked the weeds (some of which were almost as tall as me) at Sewjourn and it’s amazing what a couple of days work can achieve!  It’s looking really nice again now.  Once the weeds were gone and the grass cut it was easier to see these little beauties.

Pity about the rose thorns and cactus prickles in my fingers and arms!!

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  1. Jodie Pryor Says:

    Hi Jan, we were driving through Lancefield last week and took husbands to show them our holiday house. They were suitably impressed (very sarcastic), but we just loved being able to say it’s ‘our’ house. Looking forward to Feb, will be in touch and you can guarantee this time we will check the studio before we leave.

  2. Wendy Says:

    Hey Jan …Yes Yes for sure I will be at Lighthouse quilters in ’11 … just let me know! Will be a whole lot closer now too ….. 3127

  3. Meredithe Says:

    Hi Jan, lovely photos – well done. All those scratches are definitely worth while. Enjoy.

  4. Dale Says:

    All worth it!

  5. jodie Says:

    But what of the stork Jan ? is he repairable……
    I took casting resin to sewjourn last time and was mightily tempted to try and stick him back together….

  6. Thimbleanna Says:

    Ouch! It all looks so beautiful. One day I hope to rock out on that veranda!

  7. Mary Says:

    We couldn’t believe how much everythng had grown in 12 months! Mark was amused by the leggings on the stork and the cactus!! Thanks – it was lovely!

  8. Suse Says:

    I’m catching up with blogs finally – love those pics of the flowers at Sewjourn, and particularly the one in an earlier post of cream roses with the studio behind them. Gorgeous!

    All the scratches and thorns are worth it, eh?

    Here’s to an exciting, successful 2011!

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