It’s been over 2 months since the last post! Which means I don’t really know where to start.  Or even if I SHOULD start.  Which has gotten me thinking over the past few days…..WHY am I blogging??

Everyone blogs for different reasons but these are my reasons.

1. I originally started reading blogs for inspiration……and there is some amazing stuff out there… I was inspired to join in.

2. I started to connect with bloggers and have met some really lovely girls.

3. As a record – of both the creative journey and family life.

4. To share with people what is happening at Sewjourn.

5.  Because it is fun.

But sometimes ‘real life’ is demanding and things need to be prioritised and it seems blogging was one thing that was put aside for me.  For a while I didn’t even read any blogs.  Over the past few weeks I caught up on some of my favorite blogs however and had time to discover some new ones.  And I’ve seen the enthusiasm of a gorgeous sewing buddy who has started her own lovely blog.  So I’ve come to the decision that I’m not going to make excuses and feel guilty for not being around but I AM going to give it another go.  But where to start talking about all that has happened?  So let’s start with the most recent and who knows I might go back and cover some other things if time and energy permit!!

Thursday night was Parent-Teacher interviews for daughter No.1 …….what an experience!  She started High School this year so parent-teachers were VERY different to ever before!  5 minutes per teacher and then the bell sounds and you are off to the next person.  Really not enough time to have a decent conversation about anything.  And all in a very noisy hall surrounded by other waiting parents and girls.  So, although I didn’t learn anything from last night, Ella seems really settled and happy and has grown up so much this year….catching public transport, getting herself up and organised in the mornings and organising her schedule of homework……we are so proud of her. 

This was her on the first day of the year…….

And here’s daughter No. 2 ready for her first school camp this morning…..much excitement!

And on the sewing side of things this week I’ve made a couple of cushions and inserted the zips a la Kellie style…..quite chuffed that they worked so well. *Too dark to photograph now so will post photos tomorrow.  (By the way – have you seen Kellie’s new quilt – Animal Alphabet???  If you head on over to her blog you can sneak a look and enter her great giveaway as well).  In just over a week this lovely quilt will be accompanying us to SLC.

3 Responses to “Blogging”

  1. Thimbleanna Says:

    What adorable girls Jan — they look so cute and happy!

    Oh Wait. YAY! You’re back! You ARE back, aren’t you? ‘Cause that way, I’ll spare you the stern lecture about how much you’ve been missed LOL. I would worry about whether you’ll post from SLC, but since I’ll have an up close and personal encounter, it won’t matter. Can’t. Wait!!!!

  2. Dale Says:

    When you catch up you catch up, good to see what you have been up to.

  3. Meredithe Says:

    SO glad to see you back!! and thanks for the lovely mention – pleased I helped inspire you back to the land of bloggers, as you inspired me to start! x

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