Running…..and flying

Last Sunday Mal did the Melbourne Marathon again……and I did the 10km run! And anyone who knows me knows that I don’t run. In fact I hate running! But Mal ‘encouraged’ me to enter about 2 months ago and I did a little training and managed to get out there and enjoy it on the day. It was so beautiful running around our gorgeous city. Running past the shrine made me think of both my grandfathers and all they had to endure during WWII and that inspired me to keep going. (I will add a photo have a new laptop as my old one crashed….that’s ANOTHER story and I can’t seem to work out how to edit photos on my new one yet)

Anyway, last time Mal ran the marathon, or did the Marysville to Melbourne event he jumped straight on a plane to London that night…..this time at least he waited until the next day! But this time he’s working in London for about 4 months and so our exciting news is that we have decided the whole family will join him. So, the girls and I left this Sunday night. Haven’t decided yet but think we’ll do a separate blog with our travel adventures and just pop the crafty things on here. We’re in Dubai with Mal’s sister at the moment and having a ball. Today we fly on to London. The girls were fantastic on the plane, very excited and well behaved. Still it’s nice to know that two thirds of the flight is over and it’s only 7 hours on the plane today.

If anyone needs to contact me for Sewjourn you can TEXT me on my mobile or send me an email. We plan to be home for the start of the school next year. Hopefully a less crazy lifestyle over the next few months will mean more time for blogging…..and crafting!

2 Responses to “Running…..and flying”

  1. trash Says:

    Squeeeeeeeeeee! Looking forward to seeing you! Travel safe.

  2. Moira Says:

    Oh wow Jan!!!!! You don’t stay still for long, do you!?!
    How awesome – Hope you all have a fabulous time, as I’m sure you will. How fantastic! Bet the girls are excited.
    (Here’s me thinking, “I’ll jump on the Sewjourn blog to see what crafting things you’ve been up to”, only to discover you just did a 10km run(!) (That’s pretty impressive!) and then read on to see you’re on the road again – or rather in the air! (Well, back on solid ground now I guess, seeing it’s a “few” days later). Amazing!
    Take care, and have fun!!! Love to you all
    Lots of Love,
    Moira xxxxxx

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