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UFO 1/17 – Lucy Boston

So as we are heading to the beach today a portable project is the best for me to start with… first UFO on the on the list is my Lucy Boston POTC blocks.  Here’s what the original quilt looked like:

(Image from

But I’m piecing mine in Liberty fabric with a natural linen for the borders.  I started this quilt in June 2015.  So far I’ve only completed 1.5 blocks!  

Lets see if I can ‘substantially progress’ this UFO over the next 3 weeks…..


17 UFOs in 2017 – The List

Hmm, Meredithe has listed the ‘rules’ for 17 UFOs in 2017 and she says ‘Projects can be anything you’ve already started (UFO = unfinished object), quilts, knitting, crochet, it’s up to you.’  She also notes ‘Don’t worry if you don’t have 17 projects’.  Well, on a quick count (and I’m sure there could possibly be more buried in the sewing room somewhere but can’t really search as it is being used as a bedroom for our 19 year old French guest at the moment) I am ‘lucky’ enough to have 29 UFOs to choose from!!

So……here’s my complete list with the first 17 the ones I intend to work on in 2017 but with the others listed just in case I feel inspired to swap priorities! (Hope that fits into the ‘rules!’)

  1. Ella’s quilt – needs last border attached, quilting and binding
  2. Medallion quilt – half pieced
  3. French Market Medallion quilt – some blocks pieced
  4. Sue Spargo Wool Embroidery – needs embellishing
  5. Don’t Look Now cushion – needs cushion constructed
  6. Lucy Boston quilt – only a few blocks pieced
  7. Kaffe quilt – needs binding finished
  8. Granny Square quilt – blocks to be pieced together
  9. Mini Design Boards
  10. Blue and brown quilt – needs quilting and binding
  11. Circle quilt
  12. Swap quilt – needs binding
  13. Yoyo curtain – for Sewjourn – been in progress for um, many, years!
  14. Green and orange Drunkards Path – needs quilting and binding
  15. Charity quilt – needs binding
  16. Sashiko cushions – one embroidery to complete and 3 cushions to construct
  17. Hexagon quilt  – finish handpiecing hexagon strip, applique to background, quilt and binding                                                                                  _________________________________________
  18. Meredithe’s quilt’ (this is one from a pattern of M’s the name of which escapes me just now) – needs piecing completed
  19. Yoyo quilt
  20. Handpieced diamond hexagon quilt – only one or two blocks completed
  21. Crocheted cushions (for Sewjourn)
  22. Triangle quilt for bunk room at Sewjourn – finish piecing, quilt and bind
  23. Purple and mustard cross quilt – needs quilting and binding
  24. Garden Divas Quiltmania – needs appliquing, quilting and binding
  25. Purple and mustard cross quilt – needs quilting and binding
  26. Amy Butler quilt – needs last border, quilting and binding
  27. Prints Charming quilt a long quilt – finish piecing
  28. Hamish’s quilt – needs quilting and binding
  29. Amy’s quilt – needs quilting and binding

One of the best ‘rules’ of this challenge is that the aim is to substantially progress the projects not to actually finish them…..but of course any finishes are a bonus!  Anyone else keen to join in?  Pop over to Meredithe’s blog to find out the details (and see some of her amazing work at the same time).

Back tomorrow with the first of my UFOs.

Happy New Year

Well Hello to anyone who may still be there!  And after a 5 year hiatus I suspect that isn’t many of you.  A lot has happened in 5 years… last post on this blog was as we were on our way to London to live for 4 months.  You can read about those adventures here.  And then when we returned to Australia we hit the ground running and sadly my blog was forgotten.  But since then:

  • We have started our own business, working from home for a few years but shifting to offices about 18 months ago.
  • Ella has finished secondary school and is about to head off to University
  • Lucy has spent a year on Student Exchange in France and is due home next week
  • Kate changed schools, is involved in many sporting activities of which the current favourite is rowing
  • Our gorgeous dog Hugo joined our family about 3 years ago and changed our lives completely
  • We have Eszter a Hungarian student living with us at the moment and also Lucy’s host brother from France
  • 3 of Mal’s siblings got married within weeks of each other and now we have 4 new nieces and nephews (and another on the way)
  • Mal still loves his Ironman competitions and competed in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Queensland last year
  • Sewjourn continues to be heavily booked and I treasure any weekends that I get to spend there as it is mostly the only times I get to sew these days.
  • We’ve been really blessed to be have been able to have a few overseas trips in the past 5 years including visiting my grandfather’s grave in Papua New Guinea, spending our 20th Wedding Anniversary in Thailand, going to Morocco, a textiles tour in Vietnam and most recently to Cambodia with Ella to mark the end of school.

And over the past couple of years I’ve enjoyed Instagram but maybe it’s time to blog again?  I’ve decided to join in Meredithe’s 17 UFOs in 2017 and this is where I will document my progress (hopefully!)  Anyone else keen to join in? Regardless, wishing everyone a fantastic 2017.