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Oops I’ve pretty much fallen off the Blogtoberfest wagon………  Well done to all those who have managed to post each day. And a huge WELL DONE to Tinniegirl and Curly Pops  for their initiative, organisation and hard work!

And what have I been doing?  Well I had a FABULOUS weekend away at Sewjourn with some girlfriends from church.  There was much chatter, lots of laughter, eating, sharing……and a bit of creating as well. 





It was a glorious day for the Farmers Market on Saturday.





Followed by a frantic week of car buying (yes, I finally have my dream car – a Honda Odyssey!! I figure it’s the people mover we need without being a bus) and holiday organising (off to Byron Bay tomorrow in the NEW CAR – just as well don’t think the other one would have made it that far!) and work (still so far behind) and well…….no blogging.

But, I do have a giveaway!  In September I had a giveaway to celebrate one year of Sewjourn and four girls won the chance to come with a friend and spend a day sewing at Sewjourn on Saturday January 30th.  Unfortunately one of the winners emailed me to say that she can no longer come along on that date (she was extremely keen to be travelling down from NSW anyway!) SO there is now ONE MORE SPOT AVAILABLE.  Simply leave me a comment on this post if you are interested in coming to spend the day crafting awayand relaxing and enjoying with like-minded souls on 30 January.  And you can even bring a friend.  It’s sure to be fun…….last year we had a ball.  Leave your comment by 1st November but I can’t promise when I will draw a winner – it will depend on internet access availability…….and if I can drag myself away from the beach to the computer!

Now must go and pack, and finish that last overdue block for Around the Block……..and get some sleep before the big drive.

The weekend ahead…….

What a  spectactular day to be here!!





Blue skies, peaceful – even the garden is at it’s best at this time of year! 

So excited about the weekend ahead – just waiting for friends to arrive now……..

Have brought too many projects to do yet again!  But first on the list of priorities is Around the Block swaps!  These gorgeous fabrics arrived from Lara yesterday – which means I have 3 blocks to complete to stay up to date.


Hopefully there will be some completed UFOs to show by Sunday night!  Have a good weekend.

A quick word….

Just a quick word today in keeping with Blogtoberfest……don’t have much time as I am getting ready for a lovely relaxing, creative weekend at Sewjourn with some friends!  Yay – can’t wait.  But just popped in to say that Tinniegirl has just announced her Art Retreat in April next year…… sounds great so pop on over and have a look…….but be quick I’m sure it will fill up fast!!

Pay It Forward

Today when I got home from morning tea with Suse (I FINALLY returned all the goodies they had left behind on their last Craft Weekend at Sewjourn – and it’s almost time for their next retreat!) there was a nice surprise package on my doorstep.  It was my Pay It Forward from Curly Pops………a gorgeous red Curly Pops flower brooch, a cute clip holder and some chocolate (which is well and truly on it’s way to being eaten already!)  Thanks so much Cam!



So, now it’s time for my own Pay It Forward.

For anyone who dosen’t already knows the rules:

 The first three people to leave me a comment on this post will receive a handmade gift from me sometime in the next 365 days.   When it comes and what it is will be a complete surprise.  The only other rule is that you must have a blog and you must agree to spread the love by paying it forward to three other people sometime in the next 365 days. Simple really!

Gorgeous Sydney

Lots of fun, great company, catching up with friends, delicious food…….oh, and a really worthwhile conference too!





Sunday Stash No. 47

I was lucky enough to pick up these lovelies this week from here which gives you a hint of where I have been and why so many days of Blogtober  have slipped past without a post………





Back on track now………..

Sunday Stash No 46

…..on a Monday because I already had a post for yesterday and being Blogtoberfest I couldn’t afford to do two posts on the one day!!!


Grant Teint 1880s by Windham

Purchased online from US at a great price……..destined for a special project with two fabric friends!

What a gorgeous day……

for a stroll in the park……….or a marathon!



3 hrs 20 mins for a first marathon – great effort Mal!  We are so proud of you!



This afternoon 5 of us had lots of fun making a quilt top………it’s to be donated to a lady with Breast Cancer.  As always there was lots of chatter as the sewing machines whirred away.  It’s so great that we get just as much out of making quilts for charity as the people that receive them!


Bron concentrating hard!




The completed top – a good afternoon’s work

Our next get-together is set for February and we are planning on making quilts for a Women’s Shelter so watch out for details if you are keen to join in………

Little Shop of Handmade

After a quick trip to Spotlight in Carnegie to pick up some supplies for tomorrow I popped around the corner to this gorgeous little shop.  It’s stocked with all sorts of lovely items – all handmade by Melbourne designers – AND nothing over $50.  Bec, the owner, makes resin jewellery and scrabble tile necklaces. I bought two beautiful prints by Print Space.  One’s for our bedroom……and the other will probably be a gift.  I’ll post a photo when I frame them……….

And if you are free tomorrow the first Northside Makers Market  is on and judging by all the amazing stall holders going it’s sure to be a good day……..

Image uploaded from Northside Makers Market blog