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Still burning……..

Some of the devastating fires are still burning in our state and even more have started up today.  This time even closer to Melbourne.  And this time very, very, very close to family.  Thankfully a change of wind just in time means the immediate threat has passed but it’s another reminder of how volatile so many areas of our state are at the moment.  Hopefully mild weather over the next couple of days will allow fire fighters to control the current fires before the more dangerous conditions which are forecast for Friday. We owe so much to all the wonderful emergency personnel, so many of whom are volunteers, who have worked tirelessly for weeks now to bring these fires under control – and who still have so much more work to do…….THANK-YOU!

Sunday Stash No. 18

Well this isn’t strictly my Sunday Stash but it’s from a huge stash of fabric that Spotlight have kindly donated for our Quilting Bee.  Thanks so much Spotlight – they are great!

The response has been wonderful – there are still many ways you can help out if you would like to.  In particular we need to get hold of some more batting and need some people to help with quilting the quilts.  Of course, any way you would like to help is greatly appreciated and if can come along on the day, fantastic! 

The lovely Bronwyn and her helpful husband have designed a button to put on your blog to let others know about our Quilting Bee.  Thanks so much!!

(PS  If you need instructions on how to add to your blog, Bronwyn has it all covered here)

Stamp on over to this new blog……..

My sister has recently started a blog – her passion is stamping and paper crafts so pop over and have a look.  At the moment she is organising workshops to make Stationery Kits for people affected by the recent bushfires.

Other ways to help

It was sad talking to the shop owners in Lancefield yesterday – they are so much closer to the fires and all know directly of people who are affected, who have lost homes, who have lost loved, who have lost school friends………..

But again, it was great to see the sense of community and how everyone is rallying around to help where they can.

‘A Patch of Lancefield’ quilting group has this quilt for raffle……….


It’s all hand pieced and hand quilted!  Tickets are $2 each and it is to be drawn on 19th March with all proceeds going directly to the Bushfire Appeal.  Tickets are available from Harmony Quilts in Lancefield 5429 2347 or you can contact me as I have a few books also.

Cuttings Culinary and Botanica in Main Street Romsey (the next town up from Lancefield) is a gorgeous homewares shop and they are donating all profits from February to the Bushfires Appeal so if you are headed that way be sure to pop in for a look.


And of course there’s Handmade Help and our Quilting Bee (thanks to all the lovely ladies who have offered to help out so far – please email me if you intend on coming along on the day – just to help with planning!)

It’s taken a while…..

What a week it has been in Victoria and it’s taken a while for me to feel like posting again.  Like everyone I’ve spent lots of hours listening to the Bushfire coverage (the ABC radio has been fantastic) trying to comprehend what has happened.  But feeling devastated at the fact that at least 181 people have died, over 1800 homes have been lost and about 7500 people are displaced.  I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed but wanting to do something.

It’s been really encouraging though seeing the sense of community and generosity from the Australian people.  And in particular from the ‘Crafty Community’.  There are already so many lovely people contributing in lots of ways.  If you haven’t already I encourage you to donate to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal.  There’s also a great list of ways you can help here.  There’s lots of good ideas at Handmade Help – a few of my favorites are the recipe book, restash-a-crafter and the rainbow comfort packs.

And since last Sunday I’ve had an idea of how we can help a little as well – it’s just taken a while to get it organised.  So……..I’m organising a ‘Quilting Bee’ on Saturday 21st March.  The idea is to get as many people as possible to come along and help make quilts to give to people who have lost their homes in the bushfires.  There are lots of ways you can contribute:

  • Come along for all or part of the day to sew
  • Donate fabric, batting or backings for use
  • Make any 12 inch block and send it in and we will make them up into quilts on the day
  • Make a Scrappy Log Cabin block – Emma has a good tutorial here
  • Offer to machine quilt one or two quilts for us
  • Offer to hand quilt a quilt
  • Offer to hand sew a binding or two
  • Come along to make calico bags for the quilts
  • You might have a half-done quilt top you are happy to donate to be finished off
  • Spread the word – please pass on to all of your crafty friends

We already have some batting and backings donated and we will be using all the scraps that lovely ladies have left at Sewjourn to be made up into charity quilts.  We need more batting and backings though and are happy to list down the businesses that support us so if you think of anyone you can ask please let me know.

Here are the details:

When:  Saturday 21st March 9.30am – 4.30pm

Where:  LightHouse, Ashburton Uniting Church, 7 Ashburn Grove, Ashburton, 3147

What to bring:  Your sewing supplies, fabric, lunch.  Morning and afternoon tea provided.

Contact: Jan Joseland on 0409 964 755 or [email protected]

It would be great to see as many people come along as possible so if you are free please consider joining in…..and the bonus is not only are we helping out in some little way but it’s sure to be a really fun day!