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Sunday Stash No. 44


Daisy Bouquet from the Vanity Fair collection by Denyse Schmidt.  Heavy weight and perfect for a cushion.  Bought recently on sale at Amitie

Somerset Patchwork has moved!

For many years Somerset Patchwork, formerly known as Craft Cottage, has been in the one location.  But yesterday current owner Karen Styles opened the doors to her new store. 


And it’s great.  Nearby to the original location and easily accessible with loads of parking the new store is light and airy and sure to inspire.






Somerset Patchwork specialises in reproduction fabrics and the staff are amazingly knowledgable – it’s well worth a visit!

Somerset Patchwork and Quilting, Hamilton Place, Mount Waverley, 3149 Ph: 9807 3399

Sunday Stash No. 43

I’m rejoining Sunday Stash today because

a) I’ve actually got 5 minutes to think &

b) I’ve a few recent purchases to show.


This is a piece from ‘The Morris Workshop’ collection by Barbara Brackman.  I’ve loved William Morris designs since we lived in the UK over 10 years ago.

Purchased from Somerset Patchwork at the Craft and Quilt Fair.  It’s destined to become part of this quilt.


Sunday Stash No 35

Fabric for a panel on a denim A-line skirt (project for AFTER the Bushfires Quilts are all finished!)  Bought from Somerset Patchwork – can’t remember what the range is called!

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Sunday Stash No. 31

I haven’t done Sunday Stash for a while (life just gets too busy sometimes) but have decided to join in again……

This is the backing and binding for my recently re-discovered UFO.

For more players visit Tam.

I’m smitten……..

Yesterday I had my first lesson with Kate and I was so excited I couldn’t wait to get home and start sewing…….unfortunately I had to be patient and do the school pickup, gymnastics drop-off, Cross Country training and cook tea (all with two extra children tagging along) before gymnastics pick-up, watch this movie together as a family (a special treat that had already been promised)…….you get the picture but by 9pm my fingers were itching to start stitching!  (Needless to say it was a very late night!)

AND I’m in love with the quiet purr of the motor.

In love with bright white lighting.

In love with smooth stitching minus the tangles of my old machine.

And in LOVE LOVE LOVE with the knee lifter!

I found this half done quilt when I was cleaning up the sewing room last week. 

It’s actually the very first quilt I started in 2003 following my one night Rotary Cutting course and I was wondering why it wasn’t finished………..then I remembered that I’d just gotten started on it when I discovered this lady and was completely taken by her gorgeous first range, then the second, then the third…….and before I knew it this poor little quilt was buried under my ‘stash’.  But looking at what’s already done I’ve rekindled a desire to finish it and am ignoring the fact that I wasn’t quite so accurate at cutting and stitching back then and just going forward.  A night of stitching and all the blocks are finished so hopefully the top will be pieced together over the weekend.  The fabric is Luci’s Cottage by Blackbird Designs for Moda and the Pattern is Rosalie Quinlan’s Laura Bethany.

Sewing and sleeping and shopping……

and champagne and chocolate and eating and chatting and crying (sad movie) and laughing ( happy movie) ……..what a lovely way to spend the weekend.  (Quote ‘borrowed’ from Bonnie!)


Between the 3 of us we managed to boost the Lancefield economy substantially on Saturday morning (book shop, dress shop, florist/gift shop, hardware store and bakery all did VERY well!)    I even managed to have some time to read our latest book club book (v. good so far!) Most of my ‘creative’ time was taken up making invitations but I did manage to do some sewing……….finally binding quilts for daughters 2 and 3.  (They have been sitting in my bedroom, already quilted for about 2 years now – everything for Sewjourn took over – so I have two very excited girls – and another one who is asking when hers will be done!)

AND I have to tell you using the Matilda’s Own binding ruler and corner tool was fantastic.  At first when the girls suggested I use these tools (Meredithe designed the corner thingy- don’t know it’s real name and it’s not on their website yet) I was a bit sceptical because I’ve never had a hassle with cutting binding or doing the mitred corners BUT both made it SO quick and easy that I’m putting them on my wish list!

So now I just have some handsewing to do this week and the WIP list will be two shorter.

Sunday Stash No. 24

Another Pink Chocolate fabric from Somerset this time from the red color range and to make a skirt.  I’d like this fabric as a contrast but they had run out so now have to search elsewhere………

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PS. In Lancefield yesterday hence Sunday Monday Stash…….no internet connection caused a few problems – 3 lots of people tried to book the same weekend in July because I couldn’t get on to update the availability…….oh dear!

More quilts

One of the ladies at the Quilting Bee spent most of her day machine quilting a top (on her new Bernina!!) then took it home to finish – it looks great and is now off to someone else to bind……forgot to get a photo before I delivered it!  But that’s not all, Kaye also took some fabrics home and adding to them from her stash has created this top! 

Wow – I can see a teenage girl loving this (and we know a few teenage girls who will be receiving these quilts).  I had looked at this feature fabric and just put it aside not knowing what to do with it – it’s amazing how different people come up with different ideas – that’s part of what I love about quilting/crafting with friends……..and reading blogs.  Sunday afternoon we basted this and another quilt and Kaye has now set off to quilt both of these – what a great effort!  I’ll show you some more quilts from the Bee later in the week but meanwhile if you read this and you have taken some quilts/fabric home to work on please email me and let me know how you are going……..I’m still working on my aqua and lime top – blocks all done so just need to piece together.

Road Trip No. 4

A couple of weeks ago……way back before Stitches and Craft and the Quilting Bee…….my 2 partners in crime craft and I went on a mini road trip down to the bayside shops, including the amazing Chandlers Cottage run by the lovely Leesa.  Its a treasure trove if you love Japanese fabrics…………