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Great weather for ducks

But not really for Cross Country!  



I wanted to say that it was the coldest day this year because that’s what it felt like but when I checked the BOM website just now I discovered it DID get to a tropical 14.1 degrees last Wednesday and that’s not as chilly as a couple of other June days we’ve had.  But believe me when you are standing out in the rain and wind  and MUD at Bundoora Park for about 3 hours watching the Zone Cross Country it feels like it’s the coldest day of the year.  And I had about 6 layers on so I can only imagine how daugher No. 1 and the other 4 from her school and the other 600 odd children felt like in their shorts and t-shirts.  Still I was really proud of her and her friends and wouldn’t have missed it.



(Certainly could have done without the muddy clothes to wash though – and if the organisers could try to arrange it on a SUNNY day next year it would be much appreciated….) 


School holidays


(Edit….oops so long since I’ve done a post forgot to push the ‘publish’ button a last week when I wrote this!)

I love school holidays….not having to get up early and rush everyone into getting ready, not having to pack school lunches, not having all the extra activites that accompany the school term…..

We have some extra children at our house today and everyone is having lots of fun.  Even me.

There’s been beading,

some time on the computer (AND the Wii AND the Nintendo DS),

lunch in the cubby house (playing with toys that seemed long forgotten),

and taking turns on the trampoline.

I’ve even had time to read some blogs for the first time in a while.  AND time to post as well! I’ve been deftly turning a blind eye to the many things I SHOULD be doing however…… washing and ironing and the piles of housework that slowly builds up by the end of term.  But I know it will all be there tomorrow.  Today I’m just enjoying the laughs and squeals and general chaos that ensues.

PS  There’s been a lot going here……..and a little bit of sewing – I’ll try to show you over the next couple of weeks

Kate’s Quilt

One finished quilt. (During the summer hols)

One very happy 7 year old daughter.

One 11 year old who thinks I need to start her quilt IMMEDIATELY!

NB: Photos taken with old camera – makes me realise how good new camera is!!!

Back into the school year

It’s been a great start to the school year for 2010……..and it’s hard to believe they’ve been back for 2 1/2 weeks already!  I’m looking forward to making the most of the final year with all 3 girls at primary school…….and savouring every moment because it just seems like yesterday that Ella was starting prep and now she’s House Captain with a prep buddy of her own.


Edit…….this was meant to be posted about five days ago but due to lack of reliable internet access here it’s been somewhat delayed!  Sorry….fingers crossed this time.

We’ve had lots of fun over the Christmas week spending time with both families, giving and receiving gifts and eating lots!





And now it’s lovely to be in Lancefield just spending time together, relaxing and doing a few odd jobs around Sewjourn (well, Mal is anyway!) 

There hasn’t been much time to reflect on the past year but it has been a busy one.  I was reading my declarations here and whilst they probably haven’t all been achieved I don’t feel like it’s been a total loss either.

 I DID turn 40…….whether I was really fit I’m not sure!  It was lots of fun though. 

 As for finishing one project a month, well lots of things have been finished but probably not one per month.  There was of course the unexpected quilting for those affected by the bushfires and there were many projects finished there so if you count those then I think I can give this point a tick.

 Has this year been less busy?  Yes I think so although it has still been pretty crazy.  Maybe that’s just the way it’s destined to be!

 2009 has seen me join Around the Block  which is fun and challenging, meet lots of nice people through the Bushfires Quilting Bee which flowed on into making a quilt for Breast Cancer in October and with more get togethers planned for  next year, do a stint of full time work, have a couple of lovely holidays, got to know lots more bloggers, (and quite a few more so please don’t be offended if I’ve left you out), go to a few Quilt Shows and watch our gorgeous girls continue growing up.  And it’s been an incredible year for Sewjourn.  I continue to be amazed by the number of bookings and the positive feedback from everyone.  Sure it’s been hard work at times but it’s also been really rewarding and I’ve met some lovely people along the way.


 So….what’s in store for 2010?  Lots of things!  But I’ll tell you them in another post.  For now, wishing you and your families a very happy and peaceful New Year.


That time of year…..

It’s been a LOONG time between blog posts (anyone still out there??) but school has finished (no more school lunches for SIX whole weeks), there’s been Carols, gymnastic displays, a bit of shopping, lots of cooking (but no Christmas Card writing I’m afraid…..normally I’m not big on the email version of Christmas greetings but prefer the old-fashioned card in the mail but this year it’s looking like that’s what it is going to be from our house….)

Also had a lovely dinner with the UFO girls, lots of laughter, great food, more laughter, our challenges revealed and declarations made for next year.


And today the girls and I delivered a car load of ‘holiday things’ to Sewjourn.  Whilst I love having other people stay at Sewjourn, love the fact that others enjoy it too and have thoroughly enjoyed this year and met so many great people through the whole experience I must admit I do get excited when it comes to this time of year and we can go and relax there for a few weeks ourselves!!!  Today we cleaned, packed the cupboards with our food and clothes and generally made the place ‘ours’ again so that when we arrive a few days after Christmas it will be straight into relaxing!  (I’m hoping there will be a bit of creating in there too – and I’ve probably already delivered more projects than I’ll get through but no doubt I’ll cart a few more up next week too).

Of course, after such a busy year of visitors (with an even busier one set for next year) there are a few maintenance things to do.  The first is new ironing board covers….DONE!


And don’t let these few photos of flowers fool you…….there’s plenty of gardening to be done!








Mind you, the pumpkins that have appeared amongst the lavender are doing VERY well!  This photo was taken last week and they are about three times the size now!


And if you are in Melbourne and happen to get on tram 253 have a look for this art work inside………………..



The countdown has begun…….

But in admidst all the busyness and excitement (and yes, there are 3 little people at our house who are VERY excited that December has rolled around) there has been some crafting going on.  Some for Around the Block  and also the Rainbow Swap……..I’ll show you more in the next few days. 

advent calendat

The pudding is made and the tree is up so it’s starting to feel a bit more like Christmas.  Now it’s just weaving our way through the multitude of end-of-year activities, concerts, dinners, gift shopping (hmm, not much of THAT organised around here), cooking and cleaning without losing sight of the true meaning of Christmas.

Wet ‘n’ Wild

The girls REALLY, REALLY wanted to go.  Parents (especially the male one) were a bit more dubious – especially as it costs almost as much as the camping site for the week AND it’s 90 minutes drive from Byron Bay. 

BUT, I’m pleased to report, we DID go and the most amazing day was had by all. 


In fact, I say, all FOUR of my children has an absolute ball.  Even the youngest who is only 7 went on all the extreme rides! I was very proud of them (particularly as their Mum stood and watched for quite a few of them!)


Gorgeous new throw

My parents came down on Tuesday to visit daughter No. 2 for her recent birthday but I was lucky enough to receive a a present as well!

Using the left-over wool from this  gorgeous rug that she made, my Mum has crotcheted this divine throw, using a pattern from Sackville and Lane.



I LOVE IT!  It’s meant for the other bed in this room at Sewjourn………


……..but it looks good on my couch at home at the moment………..



……..from holidays which were fun and relaxing.


……..from enjoying the new car on the long trip.


……..from helping a very talented girl at the Australian Quilt Market on the weekend.


……..from celebrating birthday number 9.


………to FINALLY draw a winner for the giveaway.  Congratulations Selina – looking forward to having you come and spend a crafty day with us in January.  I’ll email you with the details in the next day or so.

…… do my blocks for Around the Block and a Rainbow Swap.


………to do LOADS of washing.

………to catch up on some blog reading.

**More details and photos on all the above to come in the next couple of days.