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A day Sewjourn

A couple of  weekends ago a few of my friends went away for the weekend to Sewjourn and from all reports there were lots of laughs, lots of creating and lots of eating.  Unfortunately I couldn’t make it for the whole weekend but did manage to visit on Sunday and had a lovely day.

Here’s some of the sewing they achieved…… 

And Jetta made a gorgeous framed stamp picture and I am kicking myself that I didn’t get a photo of it.

I managed to get quite a bit done in the day as well.

A bit of ‘secret sewing’, followed by constructing my sewing bag and then some new cushions for the lounge room at Sewjourn.

 And as I type this out I realise that I didn’t show photos of my weekend at Sewjourn with some other lovely girls….way back in July.  (Wow, a whole term has passed since then but it’s been a busy one and LOTS of things have happened at our house…I’ll post about that in the week to come).  But this  July Sewjourn is where I started the handquilting on my little sewing bag.  It’s a Rosalie Quinlan pattern that I’ve had for years and from fabric I bought in Houston last year.  Really happy with how it looks.

And Meredithe and I both finished our Kaffe Quilt tops started at his workshop at Ballarat Patchwork way back in February.  It wasn’t at all competitive as we sat next to each other and zoomed away but there may have been smoke billowing from our machines they were working so fast.  And of course the gorgeous Miss M won the race! (And she even has hers quilted now and it looks fantastic!)

I think they both look great!  Can you believe that the blue used as the centre background is the same fabric in both of our quilts??  It’s amazing how different it looks surrounded by the different colours.

And then after this relaxing weekend I spent a couple of days in Bendigo where my mum showed me how to crotchet (again…..I DID do a whole blanket of granny squares when I was about 15…)  Learning to crochet was one of my resolutions at the start of the year.  And it’s great.  So far I’ve done a cushion in double crochet….which will also go into the lounge room at Sewjourn when it’s sewn together (hopefully in these school holidays).  Photo to come…….thought there was one on the camera but no!

And also during this last crazy term of school that seemed to fly by….. we had lots of gymnastic comps and a few cross-country runs.

And a couple of fun parties……but that’s another post.

That time of year…..

It’s been a LOONG time between blog posts (anyone still out there??) but school has finished (no more school lunches for SIX whole weeks), there’s been Carols, gymnastic displays, a bit of shopping, lots of cooking (but no Christmas Card writing I’m afraid…..normally I’m not big on the email version of Christmas greetings but prefer the old-fashioned card in the mail but this year it’s looking like that’s what it is going to be from our house….)

Also had a lovely dinner with the UFO girls, lots of laughter, great food, more laughter, our challenges revealed and declarations made for next year.


And today the girls and I delivered a car load of ‘holiday things’ to Sewjourn.  Whilst I love having other people stay at Sewjourn, love the fact that others enjoy it too and have thoroughly enjoyed this year and met so many great people through the whole experience I must admit I do get excited when it comes to this time of year and we can go and relax there for a few weeks ourselves!!!  Today we cleaned, packed the cupboards with our food and clothes and generally made the place ‘ours’ again so that when we arrive a few days after Christmas it will be straight into relaxing!  (I’m hoping there will be a bit of creating in there too – and I’ve probably already delivered more projects than I’ll get through but no doubt I’ll cart a few more up next week too).

Of course, after such a busy year of visitors (with an even busier one set for next year) there are a few maintenance things to do.  The first is new ironing board covers….DONE!


And don’t let these few photos of flowers fool you…….there’s plenty of gardening to be done!








Mind you, the pumpkins that have appeared amongst the lavender are doing VERY well!  This photo was taken last week and they are about three times the size now!


And if you are in Melbourne and happen to get on tram 253 have a look for this art work inside………………..



Quilting Bee

As we had some fabric and blocks left over from the Bushfires Quilting Bee and because we all had so much fun on our Quilting Bee days we decided to get together a few times a year to make quilts for different charities.  Additionally Victorian Textiles kindly donated another roll of batting for us to use.  So I’d promised to organise another get-together for October but time has gotten away and October is here! 


So……it’s short notice but there are a few of us getting together on Saturday 10th October (yep that’s right THIS Saturday!) from 12 noon to 5pm at Ashburton Uniting Church, 7 Ashburn Grove, Ashburton 3147.  Our aim is to complete a quilt top (or two if there are lots of people able to come along) in the afternoon and being October we are making it for a local Mum recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer.


Anyone who would like to join us is most welcome – just drop me an email so I know to expect you.  And there will even be yummy afternoon tea…………




Cold and wet

It’s cold and wet and windy in Melbourne but that didn’t stop us from taking a trip into the city on Friday and visiting the Art Gallery (it DID mean everyone was a little bit tired and cranky by the time we got home though).



But Saturday I was glad that we were watching the Grand Final on TV not sitting in the hail and wind at the MCG!  (Although not everyone was interested in staying inside for the afternoon)


It also meant we could all get to cuddle a gorgeous little girl.


What happened to the last 2 weeks???

…..well they flew past with so much going on that I didn’t even have time to do a blog post!  But here’s a quick snapshot.

A nice surprise waiting for me when I went to Sewjourn to clean.  (More about this in another post….)


A few lovely relaxing days at the end of the school holidays spent in Ballarat with special friends……staying in her dad’s amazing house which is like living in an Art Gallery!  Eight girls, lots of laughs, heaps of olden-days fun, a catchup with some uni friends and a quick visit to a favorite shop.


(Don’t let the blue sky and sunshine fool you… was freeeeezing cold!)


My ‘baby’ turned 7, was bubbling over with excitement and had a fantastic pyjama party to celebrate.

A bloggy dinner, a beautiful wedding, a great netball win (I am so proud of the Angels who will make the finals next week in their first ever season of Junior comp!), some more gymnastic medals and ‘Christmas in July with some dear friends helped this weekend whizz by.

Back to school, work, cleaning and all the other activities this week.  Off to the Craft and Quilt Fair for the next few days………I’ll be helping out Karen on Somerset Patchwork and Quilting’s  stall so if you are planning on coming drop past and say ‘hello!’  And next week is off to Tasmania for a few weeks training for a new job I’ll be doing until the end of term.  So I’ll be back posting when I can…….but don’t expect too much crafting!  (Have just signed up for this swap though).

Fun 4 Kids

There’s no doubt that at the end of the day my girlfriend and I were ready to sit  with our feet up and a glass of wine, but Fun 4 Kids Festival really WAS a great day.  All the kids had a ball.

They did bowling, fencing, dancing, painting, woodwork, visited the animal nursery (and even held dogs – anyone who knows my girls will know what an amazing achievement this is!!!), had faces painted, watched short films, created, played on the ‘beach’, looked at strobes, played on the indoor playground…………the list goes on!  Whats more it is all undercover so the fact that it was bucketing down and blowing a gale in Warrnambool that day didn’t matter at all (apart from the fact that the rock climbing section was shut).  AND the shuttle bus picked us up from right opposite where we were staying and delivered us back to our door.


are for relaxing……….


and playing………..


and creating…………

(More about the Fun 4 Kids Festival in the next post otherwise at risk of photo overload!!!)

and posing…………


and taking in the scenery………..


(Just as well Grandma made everyone hats to keep them warm!)

and checking out the wildlife…………

and OK for a bit of front page publicity as well (apart from the fact that it is our friend Max in the photo not Kate – you can just see her pink arm – the rest of the story is accurate!)


I love it when the cleaning is done and Sewjourn is ready for guests to enjoy…..

….pity that my house isn’t as sparkling clean and tidy when I come back home!

Another thing I’m enjoying today is the end of the school term……holidays……plenty of time to relax and enjoy.  And I’m enjoying that we are off to Warrnambool tomorrow for a week!  (Not enjoying the packing and getting everything else organised before we leave.)  And I’m enjoying the fact that our tax is UP TO DATE.  And I’ve enjoyed catching up with lots of lovely friends this week.  And I’m hoping for some time to do some sewing…….maybe just maybe there will be some crafty things on this blog for a change!

High Tea



Setting up………




Handsome waiters………..

What a fantastic day with some very special friends!

Oh, and amazingly spoilt!!!!  But more about what’s in the package in another post………

Sewing and sleeping and shopping……

and champagne and chocolate and eating and chatting and crying (sad movie) and laughing ( happy movie) ……..what a lovely way to spend the weekend.  (Quote ‘borrowed’ from Bonnie!)


Between the 3 of us we managed to boost the Lancefield economy substantially on Saturday morning (book shop, dress shop, florist/gift shop, hardware store and bakery all did VERY well!)    I even managed to have some time to read our latest book club book (v. good so far!) Most of my ‘creative’ time was taken up making invitations but I did manage to do some sewing……….finally binding quilts for daughters 2 and 3.  (They have been sitting in my bedroom, already quilted for about 2 years now – everything for Sewjourn took over – so I have two very excited girls – and another one who is asking when hers will be done!)

AND I have to tell you using the Matilda’s Own binding ruler and corner tool was fantastic.  At first when the girls suggested I use these tools (Meredithe designed the corner thingy- don’t know it’s real name and it’s not on their website yet) I was a bit sceptical because I’ve never had a hassle with cutting binding or doing the mitred corners BUT both made it SO quick and easy that I’m putting them on my wish list!

So now I just have some handsewing to do this week and the WIP list will be two shorter.