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Stitches and Craft

Had a lovely day at the show yesterday………the best part was the Incubator………it was lovely to see Nikki and Cathy, Michelle and Jenny and really nice to meet Justine, Fi , and Jodie’s mum (Jodie was off doing a workshop so didn’t see her today but DID see that dress, chair, umbrella and her gorgeous cushions and bags).

Bought this (from Fi)

and these (from Jodie)

and the latest issue…………

Saw so many other beautiful goodies like clocks and brooches from here, beautiful printed fabrics from here and here and here and here.  Apart from the Incubator girls though there wasn’t many other stalls that inspired me – except of course Amitie which always looks great and Kelani Fabrics which was divine.

Ran out of time to make any of the goodies at the Craft Bars as had to scoot back for netball training but it’s OK as I got a 2 day ticket and the girls have Curriculum Day tomorrow so we will all visit again (after going to Sewjourn to clean because this girl and her buddies are off there for the weekend – lucky things!!!)

Golden Age of Couture

A couple of weeks ago, two friends and I went to Bendigo to see The Golden Age of Couture exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery.  (Haven’t posted about it yet as things have been a bit crazy around here – and the computer slowed down again last month because we’d used our download limit – again!)  It runs until 22nd March and is well worth the trip to Bendigo if you are at all interested in fashion or textiles.   There are more than 100 dresses on display and most of these are on loan from the V&A……….there was quite a few that I would have liked to add to my wardrobe!!

The next week I visited the Jonhston Collection  with my mum and her friends.  Each year from November to February the house is decorated for Christmas – this year it was done by craftspeople of Bendigo and there was gorgeous bead work, quilts, felting and embroidery on show.  It was amazing!  Although this exhibition is now finished next year’s is being done by Geelong craftsters and begins on 4 November 2009.  You can also visit the house any time of the year to see all the beautiful antiques or other exhibitions.

A fun day………

Yesterday was a really fun day spent with some lovely crafty ladies and their friends.  It was great to actually meet some people from blogland! There was much craftiness, chatter and eating……and I was really excited to show off Sewjourn!  The creativity of all these girls is amazing – collages, dressmaking, spinning, quilting, embroidery……….the list goes on.  I did manage to do some more yoyos for the curtain for the front room.


Actually we were lucky to have any food to eat at all as my plans for cooking Friday afternoon at home were thwarted by power failure so I packed up EVERYTHING……all the ingredients, tins, food processor – you get the picture……..and headed to Lancefield.  Firstly I turned on the airconditioners in the cottage and the studio and then unpacked the car ready to roll when……….THE POWER WENT OFF THERE TOO!  All of Lancefield was without power until about midnight, even the pool had to close so a cold shower was all I could do to cool down.  But with an early morning start all was recovered and we did have food to eat.  (By the way the power at home was off for more than 12 hours!)  Thank goodness for some cooler days ahead.

And a huge thanks to Meredithe and Bonnie for your help – you gals are great!

Advent workshops # 2

These are the cards we made for craft for Advent Workshops at church last Friday – I had everything cut out and ready to go as the age group was prep to grade 3 so all the children had to do was stick the pieces together, stamp a message inside and write on the cards.  They did a great job and Mum and Dads should get a nice surprise on Christmas Day!

Ashwood Gas Light Market

My girlfriend is organising this market for the school she teaches at (dedication!!!).  It’s on tonight so if you are able, pop along because there are over 40 stalls and it’s sure to be a good place to pick up a few Christmas presents.





Vannam Drive, Ashwood

$5 entry includes glass of champagne or OJ

Wide range of stalls, raffles, coffee and cake.

For further information phone 9807 1333


Amy again

Here’s some more photos and inspiration from The Evening with Amy Butler – if you are in Sydney and don’t have tickets yet it’s well worth the effort!  She talked us through a slide show of what inspires her and then answered questions and even signed books and chatted.  As usual all the goodies made from her beautiful fabrics were gorgeous.


Just spent a lovely night with Amy Butler.  What an inspirational lady!  She is so down to earth and nice!  Not to mention talented, beautiful, creative, motivated……..I could go on.  She even took the time to sign books and chat to people.

Here’s a quick photo or two that a friend sent through (thanks Kerry) – I’ll download mine tomorrow and post some more.


It was a bonus to meet a couple of lovely bloggers, Lara and Nicole, too.  Now to use my motivation to get sewing again instead of just reading about it on blogs…………..


Sewjourn is now tagged on Flickr so you can search for it and look at all the photos in the album – thanks to the clever girls who stayed last weekend.  When I get 5 minutes (hopefully this weekend) then I’m going to register and upload some of our photos too.


(PS – another last minute Blogtoberfest post tonight!)

(PPS – this is post no 96 so stay tuned for a giveaway soon!)


What a gorgeous day in Melbourne – it’s a pity that I had to work from 2-7pm!  But afterwards we had a lovely family picnic at our local park.

This morning I managed to score a sewing machine at a garage sale for only $25!  It does sew but is feeding a little bit unevenly.  Does anyone have a manual for a Wertheim 3100 Sewing Machine?  Or know how we can get hold of a copy – can’t seem to find one on the internet.  Now there is no excuse for teaching the girls how to quilt!

Going to the chapel…………


We are so pleased for you both……’s about time for another family wedding!