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These flowers were out on one of the cacti at Sewjourn.  I was just lucky that I was here to see them as the cactus flowers usually only last one day.

Sorry about the quality of the photo…..taken with my phone…..I took some better photos with the camera but have left the USB connection cord at home.

So I can’t show you all the other photos of what we’ve achieved with a couple of child-free days but there’s been quite a bit of gardening, some cleaning (my cleaner is fantastic but it’s all the little extra things that she doesn’t have time to do….probably things that no-one else would ever see but I know that they are done) and even some sewing.  There’s been a bit of tennis watching as well.

And also today I’ve had a cancellation for the first weekend in February due to a family illness.  It’s really short notice but if anyone thinks they can get a few girls together and come to Sewjourn from 4-6 February please email me asap.  And talking about bookings all the weekends until December are booked out for this year but there is some mid-week availability and if you are really keen on a weekend booking please email me with your preferred months and I can start a waiting list……..we don’t have many cancellations but just like this February weekend sometimes unavoidable things come up.


The first few days of 2011 have been spent in the garden at Sewjourn.  Actually that’s not entirely true…..had a nice time on New Year’s Day with a picnic at the Hanging Rock Races followed by an impromtu dinner at Lancefield with friends before they headed back to Melbourne………a lovely start to 2011!  But yesterday and today we attacked the weeds (some of which were almost as tall as me) at Sewjourn and it’s amazing what a couple of days work can achieve!  It’s looking really nice again now.  Once the weeds were gone and the grass cut it was easier to see these little beauties.

Pity about the rose thorns and cactus prickles in my fingers and arms!!


At Sewjourn……….well needed.




Lots of hard work………


….looking good!