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The crazy pace of things has continued on here…….on the down side no time for blogging – and that includes reading blogs as well as posting……….but on the up side it means there’s lots and lots to tell now that I’m back.

A belated Merry Christmas to everyone – hope it was full of joy and peace.  I’ve pinched this gorgeous photo from Kellie’s blog…..but I think that’s OK because this quilt actually belongs to me now!!!!  How lucky am I???

A Traditional Christmas

Following a lovely Christmas with family we are enjoying spending a few days at home doing some sorting out and a spot of gardening (well overdue!)  (Oh, and the other 4 members of my family are spending quite a few hours each day on WII Fit Plus……and I’ll bet you can’t guess who the most competitive is????)  We are off to Lancefield tomorrow for a few days of relaxing (not to mention the hours of gardening that need to be done up there as well) and who knows I might even do some crafting.

Keeping warm

Winter can get cold in Lancefield………but at least the stork will be warm.

the stork all set for winter, originally uploaded by [Suse].

Thanks Tania……you certainly made me smile!

New shop in town


When I read that there was a new shop in town I wondered how I’d missed it!  But since I was working full time trips to Sewjourn to clean were in the dark and straight there and back……so the next time I came up I drove down the main street and had a look.  But I had to wait until today to be able to check it out properly!  Sea of Love  is a gorgeous new shop stocking artwork and vintage goods – it’s a lovely addition to Lancefield.





Open Thurs – Sun 10am-5pm

10 High Street, Lancefield

(03) 4405 2021

Relaxing…..and enjoying!

It’s sunny and we are on holidays at Sewjourn…….yay!





…….And it’s only the girls and I so I guess that’s a lot of projects for just a couple of days! Oh well!



More bushfire quilts…..

Where did Easter go?  I hope you enjoyed the break whatever you were doing.  We spent most of the weekend in Lancefield – a bit more gardening, oiling the deck and a few odd jobs (never seem to get as much as we plan done when we go there these days……..and for the rest of the year there are very few weekends free for us to be doing things so we will have to plan carefully….) 


Daddy’s ‘helpers’.

We did go to Bendigo for a day which was lovely – catching up with family, visiting a quilt exhibition and going to the Torchlight Procession – all part of the Bendigo Easter Festival.  The Torchlight Procession is for the emergency services – in particular the Fire Brigades.  This year’s was particularly special and it was a great recognition of the amazing work that all the emergency services did in the recent fires.

Speaking of which, more quilt tops rolling in for the Bushfires Quilting Bee. Fantastic girls!!


We are having our next get-together on Saturday 23rd May so if you would like to contribute in any way please let me know.  We are also toying with the idea of having a Quilt Hanging for people to come and see the quilts before they make their way to their new homes and raffling a quilt to raise money for quilting more quilts – what do you think?  I’m hearing from those in the know that people are now settling in their temporary accomodation and are ready to receive the quilts so we want it to all happen as soon as possible.  There is still lots of other great ways to help out over here.

Sewing and sleeping and shopping……

and champagne and chocolate and eating and chatting and crying (sad movie) and laughing ( happy movie) ……..what a lovely way to spend the weekend.  (Quote ‘borrowed’ from Bonnie!)


Between the 3 of us we managed to boost the Lancefield economy substantially on Saturday morning (book shop, dress shop, florist/gift shop, hardware store and bakery all did VERY well!)    I even managed to have some time to read our latest book club book (v. good so far!) Most of my ‘creative’ time was taken up making invitations but I did manage to do some sewing……….finally binding quilts for daughters 2 and 3.  (They have been sitting in my bedroom, already quilted for about 2 years now – everything for Sewjourn took over – so I have two very excited girls – and another one who is asking when hers will be done!)

AND I have to tell you using the Matilda’s Own binding ruler and corner tool was fantastic.  At first when the girls suggested I use these tools (Meredithe designed the corner thingy- don’t know it’s real name and it’s not on their website yet) I was a bit sceptical because I’ve never had a hassle with cutting binding or doing the mitred corners BUT both made it SO quick and easy that I’m putting them on my wish list!

So now I just have some handsewing to do this week and the WIP list will be two shorter.

Time to relax


We had a good Christmas – celebrated with my family for lunch and Mal’s for tea -both at Sewjourn.  The studio was ideal for fitting everyone in – quite a few trips back to the cottage for ‘forgotten’ items but that was OK.  My brother-in-law did try to set the place on fire while cooking the potatoes and pumpkin in the Weber but everything escaped unharmed and the spuds had a nice ‘smoked’ flavour!





Since the big day we have just been taking it easy……..have done lots of weeding and parts of the garden are looking lovely – still lots of plans and ideas (and work needed) for the rest though!



Mal’s cleaned out the workshop/storage area…….


And been for a couple of bike rides.


I’ve spent quite a few hours here reading this………….



(great book by the way – highly recommended!)


And the girls have been to the Lancefield Pool every day – sometimes there is hardly anyone else there so it’s almost like having your own pool. (Almost!)



But without a doubt LOTS of hours have been spent playing this………….



Most of all though it’s just nice to be here all together and enjoy this beautiful place without pressure of having to renovate, paint and be in a hurry to get things done!  (There will always be more things to do though…………………)

Getting ready

Christmas preparations continue at our house………….


Italian Panforte – a bit tricky but worth it!  It’s become a bit of a tradition to give to friends and neighbours.  It’s from Australian Good Taste 2003 – leave me a comment if you want the recipe and I’ll send it on.

And some last minute wrapping paper.  Still lots to do before we head off to Lancefield tomorrow but looking forward to it.  (Daughter No. 3 just a bit concerned that Santa will know to find us there!)

My own retreat

Just had a wonderful long weekend here

We did a bit of gardening (but much much more needed) – a few spots are looking good though……..

Went on a family bike ride to Romsey (8kms but a great bike track all the way) and everyone did really well, even in the rain on the way home!   The fit one in our family didn’t have much sympathy for my sore backside given that he’d riden from Melbourne to Lancefield the day before (and back today). The girls and I also went for walks every morning which is one of their favorite things when we are in Lancefield.

Mal couldn’t resist doing a few more ‘handyman jobs’ – and we have a sliding fly screen door at the back to show for it…………

I also got some much overdue ‘crafty time’ – luxury having the whole studio to myself!


I would have finished this simple quilt top (fabrics purchased this day) had I not left one of the fabrics at home!  Got some more yoyos done for the curtain in one of the bedrooms – only about half way along though…………


………and made some ‘Welcome’ cards for the next few lots of guests to stay.

Fabric hoops

These are on the wall of the studio at Sewjourn.  I made them by stretching fabric in an embroidery hoop and tightening the hoop as much as possible.  They are simply hung on a small nail.  I love the idea that they can be changed easily when a new look is needed.