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Still coming…….

…..more contributions towards the Bushfires Quilts  that is!  Last week (or maybe the week before as they have all blended in together lately!) I received a package from NSW containing – a quilt top, some blocks and some fabric – thankyou Stephanie!  Really looking forward to what we can finish them off to look like! 


(Sorry about the poor photo quality am short on time!  They ARE really nice!)

Am spending this week catching up on work and getting organised for a little party!  But after that it’s back into the Bushfire Quilts again because our next get-together is just around the corner.

Meanwhile some lovely ladies have been spending time at Sewjourn and have had some very nice things to say.

More bushfire quilts…..

Where did Easter go?  I hope you enjoyed the break whatever you were doing.  We spent most of the weekend in Lancefield – a bit more gardening, oiling the deck and a few odd jobs (never seem to get as much as we plan done when we go there these days……..and for the rest of the year there are very few weekends free for us to be doing things so we will have to plan carefully….) 


Daddy’s ‘helpers’.

We did go to Bendigo for a day which was lovely – catching up with family, visiting a quilt exhibition and going to the Torchlight Procession – all part of the Bendigo Easter Festival.  The Torchlight Procession is for the emergency services – in particular the Fire Brigades.  This year’s was particularly special and it was a great recognition of the amazing work that all the emergency services did in the recent fires.

Speaking of which, more quilt tops rolling in for the Bushfires Quilting Bee. Fantastic girls!!


We are having our next get-together on Saturday 23rd May so if you would like to contribute in any way please let me know.  We are also toying with the idea of having a Quilt Hanging for people to come and see the quilts before they make their way to their new homes and raffling a quilt to raise money for quilting more quilts – what do you think?  I’m hearing from those in the know that people are now settling in their temporary accomodation and are ready to receive the quilts so we want it to all happen as soon as possible.  There is still lots of other great ways to help out over here.

More quilts

One of the ladies at the Quilting Bee spent most of her day machine quilting a top (on her new Bernina!!) then took it home to finish – it looks great and is now off to someone else to bind……forgot to get a photo before I delivered it!  But that’s not all, Kaye also took some fabrics home and adding to them from her stash has created this top! 

Wow – I can see a teenage girl loving this (and we know a few teenage girls who will be receiving these quilts).  I had looked at this feature fabric and just put it aside not knowing what to do with it – it’s amazing how different people come up with different ideas – that’s part of what I love about quilting/crafting with friends……..and reading blogs.  Sunday afternoon we basted this and another quilt and Kaye has now set off to quilt both of these – what a great effort!  I’ll show you some more quilts from the Bee later in the week but meanwhile if you read this and you have taken some quilts/fabric home to work on please email me and let me know how you are going……..I’m still working on my aqua and lime top – blocks all done so just need to piece together.

Busy Bees……

Wow, what a great day!  Last night I didn’t even have the energy to turn my computer on let alone type words in a sequence that would make any sense………but today I’m eager to share all that happened yesterday at our Quilting Bee.  It was a great day on so many levels.  Firstly, we were all there with the purpose of doing what we could to help those who have lost homes and family in the recent bushfires.  And what an effort girls – about 30 quilts in progress!  Secondly, what fun spending a day together sewing, chatting, eating, meeting new people and being inspired by each other’s creativity!

Set up ready to go…..

Work in progress……





Eating……. (thanks to 4 very special girlfriends who baked morning and afternoon tea for us – you know who you are!!)

Choosing colors……..


Some of the lovely quilts in progress………



The gorgeous Jeanette displaying her quilt backing bought in Singapore in 1967…….and red travel case taken on the same trip (now her sewing bag)!

She’d made this quilt for a friend of hers who had lost his home on Black Saturday and she had painted the border fabric with bleach to get her desired effect!!

Thank you so much to Dale, Bronwyn, Kaye, Diane, Suzie, Tracy, Maggie, Anne R, Michelle, Pam, Jonina, Jodie, Jeanette, Jo and Anne H for your great efforts and making the day so much fun.  Thanks also to all the lovely ladies who sent blocks, quilt tops or fabric to be used.  And to Lynda and the other kind lady (please email me and let me know who you are if you read this as I don’t remember your name!!!) who dropped in fabric and blocks on Saturday.  Last but not least thanks Yvonne for helping set up on Friday afternoon and then coaching the Angels to a 16-9 win in the first netball game of the season!

We are all getting together on Saturday 23rd May to bring back completed quilts and have a finishing off day – then we will be delivering the quilts to people we know who need them – packed in bags sewn by Mum’s sewing group in Bendigo and accompanied by gorgeous gift cards made by a friend Karelyn.

Blocks and backings for the Bee!

Have been sent lots of lovely blocks and even quilt tops for the ‘Bee’ on Saturday………and lots of lovely ladies have promised to come along also BUT there is always room for more!!!  So please if you have some time to spare on Saturday consider popping in (just shoot me off an email so I know who to expect) and do some sewing, cutting, chatting or just have a cuppa.  It looks like we will be making at least 20………probably more like 30 quilts SO we are going to need lots of help with quilting!  Thanks to anyone who I’ve already spoken to about hand quilting or machine quilting – I’ll be in touch with you next week. 

Meanwhile here’s a small sample of the gorgeous blocks that lovely girls have sent to me…………


Thank you so much to Jenny and Kylie who have generously supplied some extra backing fabrics and to Spotlight and Victorian Textiles for their donations also. 

We also decided at UFO tonight to raffle one of the quilts to raise money to get lots more of them professionally quilted………so stay tuned for the details of the raffle quilt (think it will be the one I make from this tutorial in lime green, blue and white………probably!)

Bushfires Quilting Bee

Bushfires Quilting Bee Button

Just a reminder about the Quilting Bee – if you are planning to come along on the day please email me to RSVP so we can do a little bit of planning.  Here’s the info again…………

It’s almost impossible to imagine how it must feel to face the task of rebuilding after losing your home in the Bushfires. But we are hoping to contribute in a small way by making and donating quilts for people who have lost their homes. So please come along to our Quilting Bee.  There are lots of ways you can contribute:

  • Come along for all or part of the day to sew
  • Donate fabric, batting or backings for use
  • Make any 12 inch block and send it in and we will make them up into quilts on the day
  • Make a Scrappy Log Cabin block – Emma has a good tutorial here
  • Offer to machine quilt one or two quilts for us
  • Offer to hand quilt a quilt
  • Offer to hand sew a binding or two
  • Come along to make calico bags for the quilts
  • You might have a half-done quilt top you are happy to donate to be finished off
  • Spread the word – please pass on to all of your crafty friends

We particularly need backings and offers of machine quilting or hand quilting (either on the day or afterwards) though and are happy to list down the businesses that support us so if you think of anyone you can ask please let me know.

When:  Saturday 21st March 9.30am – 4.30pm

Where:  LightHouse, Ashburton Uniting Church, 7 Ashburn Grove, Ashburton, 3147

What to bring:  Your sewing supplies, fabric, lunch.  Morning and afternoon tea provided.

Contact: Jan Joseland on 0409 964 755 or [email protected]

It would be great to see as many people come along as possible so if you are free please consider joining in…..and the bonus is not only are we helping out in some little way but it’s sure to be a really fun day!

Thankyou so much to all the people who have replied so far and to those who have so kindly donated fabric, blocks and quilt tops!!

Chainsaws and Sewing

This was the worst damage at Sewjourn from the strong winds last week………..

But…….boys will be boys and since he had a chainsaw lots of branches were cut off quite a few trees!  Still it all looks much neater and we have a well-stocked wood shed again.  Actually we did lots of gardening on the weekend and it’s starting to look good.

Did a bit of sewing too……..finished this easy quilt top…………

Which is for here………

This weeks project is to get a bit more organised for the Quilting Bee (oh, and of course spend a couple of days at Stitches and Craft!)


If you are planning on visiting the Australasian Quilt Convention come along to Somerset Patchwork’s stall because for the next four days that’s where you’ll find me!  Please come and say ‘Hi’.

Today I received this lovely quilt top from Cherrie to be used for our Quilting Bee – thanks so much!

Please let me know if you plan on coming along on the day or if you can help out in any way.

Sunday Stash No. 18

Well this isn’t strictly my Sunday Stash but it’s from a huge stash of fabric that Spotlight have kindly donated for our Quilting Bee.  Thanks so much Spotlight – they are great!

The response has been wonderful – there are still many ways you can help out if you would like to.  In particular we need to get hold of some more batting and need some people to help with quilting the quilts.  Of course, any way you would like to help is greatly appreciated and if can come along on the day, fantastic! 

The lovely Bronwyn and her helpful husband have designed a button to put on your blog to let others know about our Quilting Bee.  Thanks so much!!

(PS  If you need instructions on how to add to your blog, Bronwyn has it all covered here)


Everyone on our mailing list should have received their newsletter this week……..if you think you have registered and didn’t receive yours please email me as a few ‘bounced back’ this time!  If you would like to be add to the mailing list please contact me also. There is a copy of this newsletter on our website too.

The two main parts to this newsletter are the Quilting Bee on 21st March and a special weekend of classes at Sewjourn in April with tutor Meredithe Clark.