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Girls Bust Out

This is a blatant plug for an exhibition at my daughter’s school but WOW!  We went to the Opening Night tonight and it’s amazing.  The busts on display are incredible – there are many talented, creative girls out there.  So if you have some free time over the weekend pop in and see the exhibition, have coffee and cake in the cafe (I’ll be there helping out on Saturday afternoon) or browse the Melbourne Made Market (Sunday only).  It’s on from 11am-4pm Saturday and Sunday and all the details are here.  And if you need another reason to go proceeds go towards the school and also the Olivia Newton John Wellness Centre.

And then there were two….

It was the first day of school today.  At least for two of the girls, because Ella is off to High School on Friday.  But Lucy and Kate were super excited and didn’t sleep much last night.

They both had a wonderful first day.