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Hand Quilting

I was just reading Reflections with Erica in my latest copy of Down Under Quilts and I can certainly relate to what she is saying about having so many projects on the go and so many ideas spinning around in your head that you can’t focus on getting any of them finished!  Often I go to get my sewing out and get distracted by other pieces of fabric or half done quilts or bags and end up just sorting through them and day-dreaming!  And in the last week I’ve been pulling out all my fabrics working out what I can use for the Quilting Bee so I have all of those ideas crammed in there somewhere as well…….

So, one thought I have is to write down all of the WIP – but that will be a long list so maybe I’m too embarrassed to publish it on my blog!!??

Last week I did a class at Amitie learning how to hand quilt with Perle thread.  Although I love the traditional hand quilting and one day hope to learn that properly and do it on my Sampler and Tate Stars Quilts, for now I just don’t have the time.  BUT I LOVE hand quilting in this newly learnt quick and easy way!  I’ve practised a bit and have two quilts ready to do for Sewjourn but just realised tonight when thinking of my list of WIP that I can hand quilt the wall hanging we did at Christmas in July last year……who knows maybe it will even become my completed project for February (note my declarations at the start of this year).


Happy New Year!  As always it’s the time for making declarations and planning for the year ahead…….I’ve decided to keep it simple to avoid the disappointment of not living up to all the declarations made!

1.  Have a quieter year – shouldn’t be that difficult as it would be hard to have a busier year that 2008.

2.  Do some more crafting rather that just reading about it on blogs and dreaming (and buying the supplies!)

3.  Aim to be ’40 and fit’ rather than ‘frumpy and 40’ – I have until mid-year to achieve this!

There’s lots of UFOs that need finishing so the aim would be to finish one project a month but I won’t go into more detail than that suffice to say I will show you photos when the projects are done.

So far the year has started off nicely with some more relaxing, a day at the Hanging Rock Races and a wedding last night.  We are off to an afternoon tea in the Fitzroy Gardens today to continue the wedding celebrations in perfect Melbourne weather.  Hope you are enjoying your start to 2009.